What Is Eroxon Gel And Is It Available In The UK? Erectile Dysfunction Gel Eroxon Gel

Here’s about the new solution aimed at treating erectile dysfunction. Read the further article to know more. A new gel hitting the shelves is aimed at treating erectile dysfunction. The gel is named as, EROXON which is available in the UK and Ireland. Here’s what we know. Eroxon gel is a new treatment for erectile dysfunction and is suitable for men over 18 and above, with both mild to severe forms of importance. The fast-acting gel is the first over-the-counter topical treatment directly applied to the skin for ED available without a prescription. Reportedly, two phases of three clinical trials have shown the gel is safe and effective as a treatment for impotence. The first 12-week trial saw 250 men use the gel. Later, at 12 weeks, 63 percent of volunteers showed significant improvement in their erectile function.

Erectile Dysfunction Gel Eroxon Gel

What Is Eroxon Gel And Is It Available In The UK?

It was found that the gel work for men with mild, moderate, and severe forms of ED. After using the gel, out of five, only three erections are attributed to Eroxon within only ten minutes. The theory was confirmed in the second trial. Dr. David Ralph, a consultant urologist at ULCH said the efficacy of Eroxon is remarkable and approaches the efficacy of current first-line therapy but with significantly lower adverse effects. He added that the tropical application will be of particular appeal to mild to moderate ED patients who want to fast onset of action. Reportedly, very few side effects were seen during the trials, with headaches, nausea, and skin irritation being the only ones mentioned by the volunteers. The gel has been approved for use in Europe and the UK for the treatment of ED. However, you should read the instruction leaflet and speak to your doctor if you’re a concerned individual.

Erectile Dysfunction Gel Eroxon Gel

Erectile Dysfunction Gel Eroxon Gel

Here’s how the Eroxon gel works. The gel is designed to be applied just before sex and only works if a man is sexually aroused. The pea-sized amount is applied to the head of the penis for about 15 seconds time frame. The gel works by quickly cooling the head of the penis, followed by a gradual warming effect, which stimulates the nerve endings. The result is increased blood flow to the penis and an erection. An advisor of TVGP, Doctor Hilary Jones said to the Eroxon Information Panel that the drug could prove a game-changer. He added that the gel. Eroxon offers a breakthrough for sexual wellness. It ensures sexual spontaneity that remains intact thanks to its speed of action. The previous ED treatments can take up to an hour to work, potentially destroying any intimacy. Also, the super studies show that almost 50 percent of men actually gave up using it.

Erectile Dysfunction Gel Eroxon Gel

The availability of Eroxon gel for purchase is there in UK and Ireland on April 18, 2023. Unlike other erectile dysfunction treatments, you do not need a prescription in order to buy it, but you must be above 18. This will save people who suffer from erectile dysfunction from having to wait for an appointment with their doctor to get a prescription for Viagra. Eroxon is available to buy in Boots stores and on their website. The product is being sold at a retail price of Euro 24.99 and will come with four single-use gels. It hasn’t been confirmed if other pharmacies will follow in selling the product. Hopefully, the news was helpful for you all. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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