Who Are Eminie Huges’s Parents? Missing Girl Subject To Amber Alert

This is to inform you that an amber alert has been issued for a missing girl known as Eminie Huges, in the Houston area. The concerns for her safety and well-being have mounted following the police’s announcement that she might be a victim of trafficking. Now it has been a week since Eminie Huges was last seen but her whereabouts remain missing. Despite aggressive search and combined operations from the authorities and the people of the tight-knit community in Houston, the girl has not been found yet. Thus, it needs the public’s assistance in locating Eminie Huges who is currently in danger of trafficking, according to multiple reports. In the following sections, we have described the circumstances surrounding Eminie Huges’s disappearance and her physical appearance, which will help you in identifying the missing girl. Keep reading this article and go through the article till the end. Drag down the page.

Eminie Huges
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Who Are Eminie Huges’s Parents?

Eminie Huges is a young girl whose age is described as 12. She is from the United States of America. Her name came to light after she became a subject of news headlines due to her mysterious disappearance. The 12-year-old girl has gone missing for six days, worrying family members as they have not received any update yet. The Huges family is seeking help from the public and sought assistance from the authorities as well but the young girl has not returned home yet. Nevertheless, an Amber Alert was issued on Wednesday Eminie Huges disappeared mysteriously a week ago.

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Eminie Huges who is a resident of Houston, Texas, is the daughter of Shannon Williams. However, her father’s name has not come out yet. Eminie’s mother is the only family member who is issuing public assistance requests in the media. Shannon also has asked for help in the media, “I feel like she’s been kidnapped because it’s day five and I haven’t heard anything.” While talking to KPRC, Shannon Williams, Eminie Huges’s mother said “Anything could have happened, even though we’re going to pray for the best.” Despite, so much discussion about Eminie Huges’s disappearance and suspicious circumstances surrounding her disappearance, her father has not come forward and talked about her.

Eminie Huges
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Reportedly, Eminie Hughes was last seen at 1:40 AM on February 22, 2024, in a dark-colored four-door Dodge pickup truck. At the time of her disappearance, the 12-year-old Houston girl was wearing pink joggers and a white crop top. She weighs around 100 lbs. The new developments made in the missing case of Eminie have distressed her family members as the Houston Police believe the 12-year-old missing girl may be on a social media app called Tagged and she is believed to be in the area of Missouri City.

Speaking of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, Eminie Hughes was walking along the side of her house and getting into a Dodge pickup truck which turned around a cul-de-sac and took with Eminie Hughes. The president of No Trafficking Zone, Jacquelyn Aluotto said “Those can be clear indicators. A lot of times when children are being groomed, they don’t even know they’re being groomed or lured, so they’re a lot more willing,”

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Eminie Huges
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The last time Eminie’s mother Shannon saw her daughter was inside her home located at the 7700 block of Waterchase Drive on February 22, 2024. The despairing mother has not eaten anything and is not able to sleep due to her daughter’s disappearance and mounting concerns over her safety and trafficking circumstances. Her mother Shannon said “She’s a baby. She doesn’t understand what’s actually going on, so it’s been really devastating. I pray and hope that she’s not in no type of harm’s way”

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