EastEnders Spoilers Sharon And Keanu: Watts to make huge decision after Keanu proposes

One of the popular BBC One’s EastEnders has been running for a long time and earned a huge audience to catch the latest spoiler always. Fans are highly excited to watch the next of the series. It will be entertaining to watch the next episode of the ongoing season. Now, the popular cast of the series, Sharon Watts is all set to make the biggest decision after Keanu proposes on EastEnders. The new episode will come out on next week, the grand opening of the Boxing Den takes place, with Sharon, Kat, and Phil overseeing an event to mark the occasion.

EastEnders Spoilers Sharon And Keanu

EastEnders Spoilers Sharon And Keanu

Along with this, watchers also want to read the spoiler of the upcoming episode and it will be interesting to watch what will happen next in the upcoming episode. Some of the rumors are still speculating on social media and they are trying to know what will be the decision of Sharon after Keanu proposes to her. Through this article, we will share the spoiler and moments of the upcoming episodes where we will also see the reaction of everyone. Many rumors are circulating on Twitter and Facebook that also reveals spoiler for an upcoming episode.

EastEnders Spoilers Sharon And Keanu

Ben wants to make a good impression on Phil, so he seizes the opportunity to replace a sick boxer at the last minute. But things don’t work out for him.

Keanu is depressed after Sharon dismisses him once more, but Sam and Karen offer some reluctant words of encouragement. As a result, Sharon is frightened when Keanu publicly declares his love for her at the gym. He then runs after Sharon, who is startled and makes another declaration of love.

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Afterward, Kat shows in and counsels Sharon to follow her heart. Although Sharon is still undecided, she changes her mind and asks Keanu over after having an honest conversation with Sam.

EastEnders Spoilers Sharon And Keanu

Now, at the end of the scene that comes after it was revealed in the recent flash scene that Sharon will be seen getting married at the end of the year as her moment in a wedding dress was also seen. But there is no clarification that who will be the groom at that time. Maybe, the fans will have to stay connected with the providers so, they can know about the upcoming episode. Keep reading this article and stay tuned with PKBNews to know more updates.

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