Did Clarence Cheat on Queen Naija?

Queen Naija is said to be a well-known singer. People are curious to know what happened to her. You will get complete details about Queen Nailja. Stay tuned for more details. 

Queen Naija

What Happened To Queen Naija? 

Queen Naija is known as Queen Bulls. She is a well-known songwriter, singer, and YouTuber. She became popular when she started posting her vlogs. She was a part of the singing reality show, American Idol in 2014. Her performance wins the hearts of everyone. Her YouTube channel is liked by people. She shares her lifestyle and new songs on the channel.

Queen Naija

Currently, she has millions of subscribers on YouTube. She has many heart-touching songs like Medicine, Karma, and Butterflies. She posts actively on her other social media as well. She has made it on her journey from an American Idol contestant to a professional singer and an influencer. What happened to Queen Naija? This question is rising all over social media. She looks to be in trouble.

Queen Naija

Where Is Her Son CJ?

Queen Naija recently posted on her social media about her son asking people for help. According to her, her son has been missing. Police are also trying to find out her son but there is no evidence yet. She is worried about her son’s safety. The father of her son, Chris Sails, has also been arrested. The arrest was made on 9th April 2023, Sunday. He is said to be involved in an assault with his son. however, his bail will be $15000.

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However, the good news is that she has reunited with her son after Chris Sails was arrested. It is a sigh of relief for her and her fans. She mentioned on her Instagram story that she has talked to her son and she believes that she will be with him soon. However, there is no confirmation of whether she has been reunited or any update from her about the same. Chris Sails has been alleged of assault and misbehavior with her before also. He is safe but there’s no information on whether or not Chris Sails was involved in the incident.

Is Queen Naija Dating Someone?

Queen Naija is currently in a relationship with Clarence White. Fans like them together. Many appreciate them while others also criticize. Chri Sails and Queen Naija got married in 2017. They divorced in 2019. Naija complained that he was involved in domestic violence. However, he has denied all the allegations.

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