Who Is David Neal? 52-year-old Hilton Hotel Manager Arrested

A shocking incident just came to know that a manager of a hotel found himself in trouble after waking up a guest. Yes, you heard it right, but there is a cliche in this story. The matter became wrong because of the way the manager woke up the guest. What did he do? According to the reports, the hotel manager sucked the customer’s toes while waking him up. This is why the hotel manager was arrested. Who is he and where it happened? Obviously, lots of questions have started prevailing in your mind after hearing this news. however, we have explained every imperative aspect of this news. You should read this article till the end and must go through it till the end. Drag down the page.

David Neal Hilton Hotel Manager Arrested

Who Is David Neal? Hilton Hotel Manager Arrested

As per the report, the incident happened in Nashville, Tennessee where a Hilton Hotel manager was arrested after waking up. The hotel manager was charged for entering the room and sucking on the guest’s toes. This incident took place on Thursday, March 30. Who is he? Has the identity of the Hilton hotel manager been released? You have to read the article till the end to know this.


The hotel manager who was charged for sucking on the customer’s toes is known as David Neal. David Neal reportedly entered the room of a customer and sucked on his toes. Was the guest female? No, the customer who called the police and accused David Neal of sucking on his toes is a male. David Neal is 52 years of age. Nashville Police filed a complaint against David Neal after responding to 121 4th Ave. South at a Hilton Hotel at around 5 am on March 30. Scroll down the page and read what the customer explained to the Nashville Police officers.

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According to a spokesperson for the police, David Neal was on the duty of night manager at the Hilton hotel and he made a key card to enter the guest’s room. Meanwhile, the guest found the night manager sucking on his toes and immediately confronted him. The customer already knew that David Neal is the manager at the hotel as he earlier visited the same room to fix the television issue. While Neal defended himself by saying that he smelled smoke and was checking on the victim. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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