Dark Side Of The Ring Bash At The Beach, 411’s Dark Side of The Ring Report

Now that the episodes for this season have been revealed, we can go on to the Dark Side of the Ring episode I have been waiting for. Given that it’s about the mayhem surrounding WCW in 2000 and that we won’t have to watch a family torn apart by narcotics, booze, or anything else we typically see with this series, this episode should be lighter in tone. Let’s learn more about the upcoming episode of the show.

Dark Side Of The Ring Bash At The Beach

Dark Side Of The Ring Bash At The Beach

The preview indicates that Russo and Bischoff will exchange many shots with one another. It’s going to be wonderful. According to Jarrett, BATB 2000 is the single largest stain on WCW’s reputation. I loathe the wrestling business bro, he declares as we begin with Vince Russo. The folks there disgust me. Bro, you can’t. We all know that the wrestling industry employs a lot of excellent people, so it didn’t take him long to exaggerate. A montage of Russo’s wild WCW antics, including proclaiming himself World Champion, is shown.

Dave Meltzer is then asked by a producer whether Vince Russo has improved or hurt professional wrestling more. Dave’s expression is priceless! “Harm. Long-term harm, indeed. We return to the 1990s when Ted Turner’s WCW presents a serious threat to Vince McMahon and the WWF. Dave claims that in 1996 when WCW began to rule, everything changed. He observes that McMahon has a weakness in that he only believes one solution will succeed. Eric Bischoff introduces himself and shares how he discovered what the WWF did to be successful and decided to do the exact opposite of what they were doing. He claims to have been the first to develop a weekly live wrestling television show when RAW was being recorded.

Wrestling has to be broadcast live, he realized. He claims that WCW prior to Nitro was foolish and WWF lite. He was going after men between the ages of 18 and 49, which they were ignoring. Meltzer discredits Bischoff by pointing out that he anticipated developments while Vince was mired in the past. We learn how Bischoff’s signing of Hulk Hogan transformed the business by giving WCW major star power on par with WWF. Dave recalls that Eric warned him that the money would follow Hogan wherever he went. Jumping ahead a few years, DDP informs Eric that Scott Hall will soon become a free agent. Eric calls and strikes a contract. A week later, Kevin Nash, who was also ready to become a free agent, calls him, and they also come to an agreement.

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