Danny Masterson Ethnicity: Parents, Race, Origin & Background

Danny Masterson who was once referred to as a renowned actor and entrepreneur, is now known as a convicted rape criminal. It has been almost a year since Danny Masterson was found guilty of rape charges. Despite a long time has passed by since Danny Masterson was handed a conviction people can stop themselves talking about him. Most recently, Danny Masterson became the part of news headlines for his bizarre prison transfer. In fact, it is the third time when Danny Masterson was transferred from one prison to another. In the midst of the discussion about Danny Masterson’s prison transfer the attention has shifted to Danny Masterson’s ethnicity and background. In case, you are also scrambling to the web to learn his ethnicity, then stick with this page and go through the article till the end. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Danny Masterson

Who Is Danny Masterson? Know Rape Convict Danny Masterson’s Ethnicity and Background

Danny Masterson is a famous American actor and entrepreneur. He surged to fame when he played the role of Steven Hyde in “That ’70s Show”. Taking his fame to a height, Danny went on to portray some more famous characters such as Milo Foster in “Men at Work,” and Jameson ‘Rooster’ Bennett in The Ranch”. According to the reports, he was just four years of age when he entered the entertainment industry as a child artist. He gradually transitioned into TV commercials by age 5. By the time he turned eight, Danny had captivated audiences in musicals and diving into acting roles. In 1993, he was seen in a film called Beethoven’s 2nd to embark on a new journey of his life. Further, he went on to act in the series The Chicago 8, The Brooklyn Heist, The Bridge to Nowhere, Extreme, NYPD Blue, Dracula 2000, and many more.

Danny Masterson

Do you know Danny Masterson is also a disc jockey? He is widely popular for is disc jockey performances in LA where he performed under the pseudonym DJ Mom Jeans and produced indie, funk, and electro music. In a shocking turn of events, Danny received a 30-year jail sentence last year when he was embroiled in a rape case at the start of the year. Initially, Danny was held at North Kern but later he was moved to the Corcoran State Jail which is infamous as California’s worst jail. After a few weeks, the news headlines stated that Danny was moved to a more humane facility from the maximum security prison, in Men’s Colony of San Luis Obispo, California. Danny who is currently 47 years old, would have been transferred to the California Men’s Colony after his brief stay at North Kern. However, when it was time to move him, there were no available slots at the facility, and he was placed in his secondary option Corcoran State Prison. To note, North Kern State Prison is a medium security reception center. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson was born on March 13, 1976, to his parents, father Peter Masterson and mother Carol Masterson. Speaking of his racial identity, Danny is White but his ethnic heritage is primarily Irish because of a lineage he inherits from his biological parents who have Irish descent. Note, that Danny also possesses one-eighth of German ancestry from his grandparents, grandfather Frank J. Masterson who was born in New York to Irish parents, and grandmother Dorothy Boylan who was also from New York. Dorothy was born to Peter J. Boylan and Mary Renz, with Peter tracing his lineage to Irish parents and Mary having German ancestry. Thus, Danny Masterson’s ethnicity is of the rich tapestry of German, Irish, and English heritage.

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