Daisy Dukes Arrested For Prank Where She Pretended To Smash TV Screen In Walmart Store

Daisy Dukes, also known as YouTuber Daysi Dukes, is a content creator specializing in prank-style videos. She recently found herself in a controversial situation that raised questions among her fans and followers, with some speculating that she had been arrested. Dukes has gained recognition on YouTube through her prank videos, often pushing the boundaries of acceptable online content. The incident in question occurred in a Walmart store and was featured in one of her uploads on August 24.

Daisy Dukes Arrested

In this video, Daysi orchestrated an elaborate scenario where she brought a television into the store, placed it on a shelf, and proceeded to smash the TV screen with a baseball bat in front of fellow shoppers and store employees. Before this dramatic moment, Daysi had already received warnings from store employees regarding recording inside the store, as it was prohibited. However, she disregarded their warnings and continued filming.

Daisy Dukes Arrested

The turning point in the video came around the 13-minute mark when a police officer allegedly approached Daysi and handcuffed her. She appeared surprised and tried to explain, stating that she hadn’t actually damaged the TV and that it was her own television from her house. The incident took an unexpected turn as the person filming was also instructed to move along, possibly escorted by the officer, all while the camera continued to capture the situation. Towards the end of the video, Daysi Dukes expressed her confusion, stating, “I don’t know what’s happening, but I just know that’s my TV, but I’m in ‘cuffs so I don’t really know.” This incident stirred significant discussion among both fans and critics, making it a hot topic in the online community.

Daisy Dukes Arrested

Daisy Dukes, a popular YouTuber known for her prank-style videos, recently found herself at the center of controversy when one of her practical jokes took a troubling turn. In the world of YouTube, where content creators often push boundaries for entertainment, Daisy has built a reputation for her daring and sometimes controversial pranks. In this stunt, Daisy carried a television into the store, nonchalantly placed it on a store shelf, and smashed the TV screen with a baseball bat to the shock of fellow shoppers and store employees.

The video left viewers in suspense as it abruptly cut off at this point, leaving Daisy Dukes’ fate hanging in the balance. Her subsequent return to uploading prank-style content on her channel suggests that she might not have faced significant legal consequences, possibly indicating that the TV indeed belonged to her. Dukes’ practical joke gone wrong is a stark reminder of the fine line that YouTubers often tread when creating content for their audience. The incident quickly gained notoriety on social media, especially after being shared by Drama Alert, a popular Twitter page. Fans and critics alike shared their thoughts, making it a trending topic within the online community.

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