COPE Political Party Deregistered, as a company, not a political party

On Wednesday, The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), dismissed reports claiming the Congress of the People had been deregistered as a political party. It was responding to reports, claiming the party was no longer eligible to contest the 2024 provincial and national elections. The party, beset by infighting and factionalism, first contested in 2008, but its popularity waned. It has only two seats in Parliament. Two weeks ago, the MP Willie Madisha, the party’s deputy president, and its elections secretary Mzwandile Hleko were got expelled from the party. The pair were accused of acting in an unconstitutional manner, undermining party leadership, and abusing party funds.

Cope Political Party Deregistered

COPE Political Party Deregistered

Denis Bloem, Cope’s national spokesperson, says the party had been de-registered as a company with the Companies Intellectual Property Commission but remains registered as a political party with The Electoral Commission Of South Africa (IEC). Mr. Lekota is the only one who knew that Cope was registered as a company, but Cope is not deregistered at the IEC.

Cope Political Party Deregistered

Following inquiries from the media, the Electoral Commission hereby confirms that the Congress of the People (Cope) is registered with the Commission as a political party in terms of Section 15 (A) (1) of the Electoral Commission Act 51 of 1996,” said by the IEC. It said one of the requirements to deregister a party is when it was taking part in elections and operating as a party. The IEC also added that the other criteria that lead to deregistration of a party are when “that party has changed its deed of constitution or foundation and the commission is satisfied that change has resulted in that deed of the constitution or foundation containing anything which portrays incitement or propagation of hatred or violence or which causes serious offense to any section of the population on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin, race, sex, color, age, religion, disability, culture, belief, conscience, or language”.

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For many years now, Cope has been involved in factional battles. Also, a few weeks now, in the latest drama, Cope deputy president Willie Madisha got expelled from the party. The party also said that Madisha was going to be removed from parliament after his expulsion. Cope has had an ongoing leadership tug-of-war after party leader Mosiuoa Lekota’s resolution to oust Madisha and national secretary of elections Mzwandile Hleko.

Madisha, Hleko, and Bloem are adamant they have the backing of several provincial party structures, and the move to remove them from office and the organization was unlawful.

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