Combat MMA Gregmma, Resounding Return Of Youtubeur Gregmma Who Knocks Out In 15 Seconds

On Friday, July 28, 2023, famous Youtuber of the Karate Bushido channel Greg Bouchelaghem marked his return to MMA after 17 years. Greg Bouchelaghem who is better known under the pseudonym of GregMMA, made a expeditious return to the MMA fight. He faced Gianluca Locicero from Italy in his first fight after a break of 17 years. However, GregMMA has more than won his bet as Italian Gianluca Locicero could not stand tall for more than 15 seconds in front of Greg Bouchelaghem in the Hexagone MMA cage. Meanwhile, Greg Bouchelaghem’s resounding and expeditious return caused a stir among the MMA fighters and left the fans extremely excited. If you are also seeking information about Greg Bouchelaghem’s comeback, this article will give you full insight into the Hexagone MMA evening. Keep reading this article and learn more details. Scroll down the page.

Combat Mma Gregmma

Combat MMA Gregmma

At the age of 45, Greg Bouchelaghem aka GregMMA made his comeback to the Hexagone cage. He fought his last fight 17 years ago. After taking a break from MMA, he went to work as a Youtuber. His Youtube channel is Karata Bushido. During the Hexafone MMA, he made his return to the cage against the Italian Gianluca Locicero, aired on RMC Sport 2. His first after 17 years lasted only for 15 seconds therefore Greg Bouchelaghem said “I would have liked to fight a little longer” Continue reading this article and learn more details.

At the microphone of RMC Sport 2, GregMMA said, “I worked on my rear arm cross with my coach Mickaël. It went well so I am very happy.” Between 2003 and 2006, GregMMA fought nine fights. Out of 9 fights, GregMMA won 5 wins in the splendid setting of the ancient theater of Orange. His opponent Italian Gianluca Locicero suffered a KO in the 1st round. He took only 15 seconds to deliver a knockout. Swipe down the page and read more details about him.

Greg Bouchelaghem is considered one of the MMA pioneers in France. He is the MMA fighter who shone in organizations in the early 2000s like Pride of or Cage Warriors. The French MMA fighter impressed everyone and his fans after a crazy comeback when he registered his fastest victory in the cage. In the show Dans la Sauce on the Twitch channel RMC Sport, Greg confided, “Every week I shoot with war machines so I have a less dry mouth” He also added we get used to adversity and in fact, we are less stressed.

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