Who Is Claire Sweeney on Coronation Street? Unrecognisable debut in ITV soap

Here’s everything you need to know about Coronation Street’s, Cassandra Plummer as Claire Sweeney who makes an unrecognizable debut in ITV soap. You are required to read the article for more details and information. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates. Currently, fans are being introduced to Cassie for the first tie, however, they will certainly know the famous face playing her. However, it was revealed back in April that the actress and West End star Claire Sweeney would be joining the ITV soap as Tyrone Dobb’s real mum. During Wednesday night’s trip to the cobbles, viewers Evelyn Plummer comes face-to-face with her daughter after prior secret contact. The time when Evelyn was grumbling to Tyrone about Roy Cropper spending time with Yasmeen Metcalfe, they were being watched by Cassandra Plummer. Following Tyrone’s advice, Evelyn steeled herself and invited Yasmeen and Roy to join her later at the Bistro club.

Claire Sweeney Coronation Street

Who Is Claire Sweeney on Coronation Street?

However, she spotted Cassie across the street but choose to ignore her, as she headed back home. On her way to the Bistro, Evelyn received a call that stopped her in her tracks. Abandoning her plans with Roy and Yasmeen, Evely was seen hurrying into A and E reception, explaining that her daughter has been claiming she had come to Evelyn looking for money. As we don’t know much about Cassie but Claire said of her character is vulnerable, and troubled, she’s got major problems and she knows how to sort herself up. Scroll down to the next section for more details.

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Claire further added more about Cassie and stated that she is troubled, feisty, and vulnerable as well. He said that she is an addict and that makes her so unpredictable. She really does have great intentions to get better and be with the family but she’s an addict and it’s quite sad actually. It was believed that Tyrone, played by Alan Halsall, grew up believing that his other, Jackie Dobbs, played by Margi Clarke. But in 2018, investigations into his parentage brought him into contact with Evelyn, portrayed by Dame for the first time and he discovered evidence that Evelyn’s daughter, Cassandra was his biological mother.

Due to her drug habit, Cassandra has to look after him properly. Evelyn had abandoned Tyrone at a police station in 1982 where he was found by Jackie who brought him up as her own. Currently, Tryone suffers more heartache as secrets and lies from his past threaten to destroy his relationship with his grandmother and he has to navigate a new relationship with his mother. Thank you for being a patient reader. If you find this article informative, then shares will be appreciated.

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