Fact check: Is Christel Bell Leaving FOX4? What Happened To Her and Where Is She Now?

Christel Bell joined the FOX4 Kansas City news team as an evening anchor in August 2020. Originally from Houston, Texas, she considers Kansas City her home away from home. Having started her public speaking career at an early age, she was inspired to pursue broadcast news, leading her to become a University of Houston alumna. Her job has taken her to live in various states, including South Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana.

Christel Bell

Is Christel Bell Leaving FOX4?

As of the latest information available, Christel Bell’s departure from Fox 4 has not been confirmed. While there are rumors circulating online regarding this matter, she has not made any official statements regarding her potential departure. Currently serving as the primary anchor for Kansas City’s WDAF Fox 4, Christel Bell is also pursuing a master’s degree in media communications at Webster University in St. Louis. Recently, she was recognized as an outstanding woman in the media and marketplace by Formidable Woman Magazine. Her passion for journalism was sparked at an early age when she accompanied her father, a custodian at FOX 26 in Houston, Texas, and developed a love for broadcast news.

Christel Bell has been thriving in her career for almost 20 years, driven by her passion to inspire, effect change, and offer hope through her voice. As a notable broadcast news journalist, she has received awards and earned an Emmy nomination, gaining recognition for her outstanding work in the field. In 2021, Christel was honored by Formidable Woman Magazine as an exceptional media woman. Her dedication to empowering women in her community is evident through her inspirational speaking engagements, where she shares her own journey of accomplishments to encourage others to realize their full potential. In 2023, Christel took her commitment further by establishing “Authenticity Needs No Apology,” her business aimed at helping women and young individuals find their authentic voice in a noisy world. Additionally, Christel actively contributes to the nonprofit organization IAM 4:Thirteens, playing a key role in mentoring local teen girls and providing them with college, career preparation, and essential life skills training.

Christel emphasizes the importance of being a part of the community to authentically communicate its stories and represent the local population. Her charitable efforts as a host, emcee, and speaker have been instrumental in raising significant funds for numerous charities, churches, and deserving causes. In recognition of her dedication and persistent service, Christel was honored with the Donald D. Sewing Prestigious Service Award in 2023. Christel holds her family time close to her heart and cherishes these moments. She enjoys binge-watching TV shows and finds delight in traveling and singing along to music during car rides. Above all else, Christel’s beautiful family, including her husband and children, holds the utmost significance in her life, and their love and presence are what matter most to her.

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