Chef Victoire Gouloubi’s Husband, Simon, Her Net Worth, and More.

After the popularity of Victoire Gouloubi, people are eager to know about the husband of Victoria Gouloubi. Who is Simon? You will get complete details about Victoire Gouloubi in this article. Keep reading for details. 

 Victoire Gouloubi’s Husband: 

Chef Victoire Gouloubi's

 Victoire Gouloubi’s husband is an attorney. They are happily married and have two kids. People are gaining more interest in her personal life after she is selected for the upcoming season of Top Chef. They often support each other in their career. People admire the couple. According to some sources, the couple often spends time together while eating the dishes prepared by Victoire, especially for her love. His husband has a black mustache that suits his personality. The pair looks good together. She belongs to Brazzaville. She is 1981’s born. She has a big family with 15 brothers and sisters. She was passionate about cooking since her childhood. She decided to take her career forward in culinary arts. She is a family person and spends a lot of time with them. Her kids really enjoy the culinary made by her. 

 It is a popular American television show. The show selects top chefs from around America who prepare culinary dishes. The one who made the best wins the title of Top Chef of America. The new season is going to start on 9th March 2023. The time of the show is 8:00 P.M. It will air on Peacock. Almost every time, the season is shot in America. This season is said to be shot in London. After her husband, people are interested in Victoire Goulobi’s net worth. 

 Net Worth of Victoire Gouloubi: 

Chef Victoire Gouloubi's

 Victoire Gouloubi’s net worth is estimated to be $350k. She worked with a famous chef and established her independent position in the industry. She has been awarded for her excellent cuisine in 2015 by the Touring Club Italia. She was recognized as WE-Women for Expo 2015 Ambassador. Her program is called Tocco Di Victoire in which she shares information about cooking. The program is telecast on Sky’s Gambaro Rosso channel.  She has a good Instagram following of 15.6k which is expected to increase further. She has 1055 posts in total. Her Instagram username is @chef_victoire. 

Chef Victoire Gouloubi's


 She is active on Instagram. Her posts are appreciated a lot by individuals. Fans are looking for more from her. Her husband is a private person and does not like much media coverage. This was all about your favorite Chef Victoire’s husband and her net worth. We are bringing such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more details. 

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