BTS Book Beyond The Story Explained

For the BTS Army, we are going to share some very exciting news right now. Today, BTS members officially unveiled their book, Beyond the Story: BTS’s Decade Journey, in honor of their ten-year anniversary. The primary cause of the argument between V and Jimin about dumplings from the book was reported on Twitter by a user. Because it was one of the many situations that the army found to be amusing. Continue reading the post to learn more about the book and the battle occurrence since many soldiers in the Army are looking for information about it online.

BTS Book Beyond The Story

BTS Book Beyond The Story Explained

BTS, a well-known K-pop group, recently commemorated their ten-year milestone. Fans can’t contain their excitement at the release of their book Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS on Sunday. According to a press statement from BigHit, members RM, Jimin, J-hope, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, and V co-authored the group’s first official book, Beyond the Story. A chronology of BTS’ musical career, from before their debut to the present, is provided in the book. Press materials stated, in part, “Please look forward to the vivid voices of BTS shared in this book, and we truly appreciate ARMY for continuing to support BTS and their journey.”

Many of the book’s stories have already appeared online. A story about a dispute between V and Jimin over dumplings was shared by a person on Twitter. V had a difficult situation while filming Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and was concerned that his performance would be scrutinized, possibly casting a negative light on BTS. He found it difficult to articulate his emotions to the other group members, which made him feel depressed and alone. V explained, “I was juggling the Hwarang shoot and the tour at the time, and that day, I ended the drama shoot and had to come immediately back to prepare for the album, but I was really hungry. I had been unable to eat. I ordered some dumplings from the manager and ate them while doing the dance.

“But Jimin didn’t know my situation, so he said we should eat after practice, and we quarreled,” the singer continued. We went outside to talk after the youth advised us to do so, but since we were only discussing our own viewpoints, we just continued saying the same things over and over. V claimed that the argument was settled over drinks a few days later.

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