Why did Bra Boy Evan Faulks get Arrested? Accused $12.6m US-Australia drug import scheme

Bra Boy is arrested. The member of the Bra Boys gang. This news is going viral on the internet. This news has become the headline of every social media platform. This news is creating new controversies on the internet. He has been accused of connection with drugs. People on the internet want to know about the Bra Boys gang and they want to know if the Bra Boys gang member is arrested. They want to know the full story. So we have researched a lot on this case and we are going to tell you everything about this Bra Boys gang and we will also tell you why their one member is arrested. So, Read the whole article to know about this case.

Bra Boy Evan Faulks

Why did Bra Boy Evan Faulks get Arrested?

Evan Faulks member of the Bra Boy gang. He has been arrested. Bra Boys gang Is a gang that is a part of several crimes. They are involved in many violent cases, they are linked to organized crime. This gang is located in Surf culture, Maroubra., an eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, in the 1990s. “Evan Faulks” is arrested for dealing with $12.6 Million worth of drugs. He has been arrested as he was importing Coke and Meth from America.

Bra Boy Evan Faulks

Evan Faulks is an Australian person. He is 38 years old. He got arrested on 28th March 2023, Tuesday. He got arrested when he stopped his car on the Gold Coast. He is under the custody of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. He is under investigation for 18 months. Evan is a professional surfer. and a member of the Bra Boys gang. He has been accused of directing $12.6 Million worth of drugs. His partner “Ariane Rose Munch” is also accused in the case of drug dealing. Ariane is also gone be under 18 months of investigation. Evan Faulks has also been accused of one more crime, he has done fraud of $840,000 with a Tabcorp betting account.

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Bra Boy Evan Faulks

This news is viral on every social media platform. The other members of the Bra Boys gang are very scared right now. Police have full proof of evidence against him. According to police, he is the directing member of the Bra Boys gang. He was arrested in the case of transporting $12.6 Million worth of Drugs to Australia from America. So, this was all about this case. Soon we will share some more information about this case till then stay tuned with us.

Bra Boy Evan Faulks

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