Big Brother Spoilers Veto Ceremony: Who Won The Veto In Week 1?

Here is everything to know about what happened in Big Brother Season 25 so far. As the housemates of Big Brother Season 25 have completed their first week in the house we have come up with the weekend roundup in this article. In the first week, all the housemates were seen as highly engaged and in talks with each other because of nominations, scheming, paranoia, plotting, and other competition along the way. It has been only a week since the 25th season of Big Brother started but we have seen numerous alliances form and a target set within the house. You are asked to stick with this article for more details and keep reading this column till the end. Take a peek below.

Big Brother Season 25 Spoilers

Big Brother Spoilers Veto Ceremony

After the last episode, the viewers had four Noms on the Block but a lot has changed since then. Initially, the first week in the house was very hard for everyone because every housemate is relieved when it is not them so they kept on piling on it and become a deep hole to climb out. The second episode of Big Brother Season 25 came with a nomination process meanwhile, the houseguests were also introduced with Veto power.

The second episode’s synopsis read, “Will Cirie and Jared be able to keep their mother-son secret under wraps? Plus what other twists does the Big Brother multiverse have in store, and who will claim power and become the first Head of Household of the season.” Talking about the nominations, we got four contestants who were nominated in the first week. The four nominated housemates were Felicia Cannon, Cory Wurtenberger, Jared Fields, and Kirsten Elwin. In between, the head of the house was also appointed, Reilly Smedley became the head of the house in the first week. Being the HOH, Reilly had the power to save two of the contestants who are up for nominations. Scroll down the page to know who Reilly decided to save.

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The head of the house, Reilly Smedley decided to save them from eviction, Jared Fields and Cory Wurtenberger. But the decision of the head of the house created a stir in the house and a bit of drama as well. Even Smedley was afraid that when Izzy Gleicher or Kirsten saw her, they would have a feud with her over her decision for the nomination she took. In addition, Kristen was crying in the bathroom after Reilly saved Jared and Cory. Meanwhile, Hisam Goueli got the veto power.

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