Belgian Tourist Missing In Tasmania: Celine Cremer Disappeared On June 17

A Belgian tourist has gone missing. A girl name Celine Cremer is missing now. She was a tourist in Belgian. She lost in conditions that are not survivable at all. The police of Tasmania are currently searching for her. She is missing for the past 12 days. She is missing in the Tasmanian wilderness. The medical experts have said to police that the cold weather conditions must be tougher for that missing girl. The frigid temperatures where Belgian tourist Celine Cremer is missing in Tasmania’s northwest, according to police searching for her, are not survivable for the amount of time she has been absent. The 31-year-old, who was living in Tasmania since the beginning of this year, started a road journey alone earlier this month with the intention of taking a boat to Melbourne on 21st June 2023. She did not, however, board the Spirit of Tasmania, and as the days passed, her family grew more worried and filed a missing person report on 26th June 2023.

belgian tourist missing

Belgian Tourist Missing In Tasmania

According to the reports, her car “Honda CRV” was recently found near Philosopher Falls in the northwest state. Police are currently searching for her. Cremer, who was last seen on June 17 in the adjacent town of Waratah, has not been seen. The day her phone had its final signal, June 20th, is believed by police to be when her automobile was near the falls. The location is exceedingly chilly, and recent days have seen snowfall. A 45-minute walk from where Celine’s car was found brings the search team of 20 police officers and State Emergency Service workers to Philosopher Falls.

belgian tourist missing tasmania

The family started to be worried last week because we sent her messages and didn’t have a response, Cremer’s sister Amelie previously told sources. On Monday this week, they first contacted the police.”Belgian-born Amelie said that her sister traveled to Australia to pursue her dreams. She stated, She’s always loved to travel, loves her family, and loves her friends. She is a very kind person. Celine kept in touch with her family frequently, according to Amelie, although she let them know she would be out of reach for a portion of the trip before leaving on her road trip.

belgian tourist missing in tasmania

Inspector Anthea Maingay stated that police had growing concerns regarding her welfare after three days of searching. Since Celine’s car was discovered at the Philosopher Falls parking lot on Tuesday, she added, the search has so far involved ground search crews as well as police drones and helicopters, but unfortunately, no further signs of Celine have been located. Soon we will give you further updates on Pkb news.

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