Bangladesh Sonia Akhtar Husband: Who Is Sonia Akhtar, Bangladeshi Woman?

Again there is new hilarious news that has come out on the internet. Some days back we all heard about a girl who entered India from Pakistan to live with a man whom she met on the game PubG, We are talking about a Pakistani girl Seema Haider. Now again there is a similar case has come out. After Seema, there is another girl named Sonia Akhtar who has arrived in India illegally from Bangladesh and is seeking her husband in India. This news has turned out as the biggest shocking case right now. After listening to this news people are saying that now there is one more Seema Haider. To know everything about this case read this whole article and do not skip anything because this article is filled up with full of information. Come let’s start this article now.

bangladesh sonia akhtar husband

Bangladesh Sonia Akhtar’s Husband

After Seema Haidar, there is one more girl whose name is Sonia Akhtar. She has come to India from Bangladesh illegally. Now it is looking like it has become a trend to leave their country and settle down in India. Sonia has arrived in India to find her alleged Indian husband. For the past eight years, Sonia has been living in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh police have taken her into custody. And she has given her clarification. To know more scroll down to the next paragraph.

bangladesh sonia akhtar husband

According to the source, Sonia Akhtar has been taken into custody by Uttar Pradesh. She has shared her story of why she came up in India. She has given a clear statement to the police officers. So has claimed that she came to India to meet his alleged Indian husband who lives somewhere in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He has also shared the name of her alleged husband. His name is Saurav Kant Tiwari. He is a resident of Noida. Sonia said that they both married each other in Bangladesh as per the Muslim rituals. She has arrived in India just to find him. Keep reading.

Sonia Akhtar further added that Tiwari had a child with her and later he went back to India by telling her that he was going to be back in Bangladesh soon. She said that Tiwari promised her And he lied and Tiwari never came back to Bangladesh so just to find him she came to India with her child. Further information regarding this case will be revealed soon after the investigation.

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