Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 cast list: Meet all the contestants with photos

If you are one of those who are a member of Bachelor Nation America, you may want to know how to watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada in the US to see which Canadians and Americans will exchange roses. Read the article to know more about the spicy insights about the show. It’s been a minute since Bachelor in Paradise Canada’s inaugural season, but a new cast of singles is all set to head back to the beach for the show’s second season. The show, an offshoot of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, features singles from the franchise in a more relaxed and calm environment as they continue to search for love. Much like its American counterpart, Bachelor in Paradise, there’s plenty of drama, drinking, and dates, but also feels quintessentially Canadian in a way, with a more laid-back vibe. This season’s cast of 27 eligible singles features a mix of 13 Canadian and US Bachelor alumni and 14 Canadian fans from #BachelorNation.

Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023

Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 cast list

Furthermore, at the end of each week, either the men or the women give out roses. Contestants who don’t receive a rose are sent home. The next week, more Bachelor and Bachelorette alums arrive, and the gender who didn’t give out roses the previous week now has a chance to hand out roses to the contestants they’ve formed the strongest relationship with. At the end of the season, the contestants are offered a chance to have an overnight date with no cameras or microphones. After the overnight dates are the finale, where contestants either choose to break up or get engaged. Like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise also has an “After the Final Rose” special, where contestants reunite to hash out drama and update viewers on their relationship. Unlike the American version of Bachelor in ParadiseBachelor in Paradise Canada also includes Bachelor Nation members, who are a part of the cast, along with Bachelor and Bachelorette alums.

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Here’s how you watch the show in the US. Read on for our tips and tricks to stream Bachelor in Paradise Canada if you’re in America. Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET and PT on CityTV. The show is available to stream for free on CityTV’s website, which has new episodes from the current season—season 2—as well as episodes from the first season. However, to watch the show in the US, Americans will need a VPN, a service that allows users to set their computer’s location to another country and access websites that would otherwise be restricted by location.

Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 contestants with photos

The Bachelor in Paradise Canada season 2 cast includes a mix of contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelor Canada and The Bachelor US and Bachelor Nation fans from Canada. See below for the Bachelor in Paradise Canada cast so far.

1. Tessa Tookes

Tessa Tookes

Age: 27

Job: HR strategist

Instagram: @tessa.tookes

TikTok: @tessauce

2. Shazeeda Gafoor

Shazeeda Gafoor

Age: 24

Job: Yoga instructor and model

Instagram: @s.gafoor

TikTok: @yagurlshaz

3. Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz

Age: 27

Job: Talent agent

Instagram: @anacruz

TikTok: @champagnecruzy

4. Austin Tinsley

Austin Tinsley

Age: 26

Job: Real estate agent and personal trainer

Instagram: @austinsley

TikTok: @txnsley

5. Céline Pacquette

Céline Pacquette
Age: 25

Job: Flight attendant

Instagram: @celinepacquette

6. Chelsea Vaughn

Chelsea Vaughn

Age: 29

Job: Model and content creator

Instagram: @chelseavaughn

TikTok: @chelseavaughn_

7. Cole Medders

Cole Medders

Age: 28

Job: Adventure Guide

Instagram: @jcolemedders

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TikTok: @jcolemedders

8. Connor Brennan

Connor Brennan

Age: 30

Job: Musician

Instagram: @connorfalcon

TikTok: @connorfalcon1

9. Edward Naranjo

Edward Naranjo

Age: 28

Job: Fitness coach

Instagram: @naranjoedward

TikTok: @naranjoedward26

10. Garrett Aida

Garrett Aida

Age: 34

Job: Tech CEO

Instagram: @garrettaida

11. Godfrey Mangwiza

Godfrey Mangwiza

Age: 29

Job: Boxer

Instagram: @godfreymangwiza

TikTok: @itsgodfreymangwiza

12. Jake Ondrus

Jake Ondrus

Age: 22

Job: Holistic nutritionist

Instagram: @jakeondrus

TikTok: @jakeondrus

13. Joey Kirchner

Joey Kirchner

Age: 32

Job: Actor and model

Instagram: @mrjoeykirchner

TikTok: @mrjoeykirchner

14. Josh Guvi

Josh Guvi

Age: 29

Job: Filmmaker

Instagram: @joshguvi

TikTok: @joshadrift

15. Juan Osorio

Juan Osorio

Age: 32

Job: Fitness coach

Instagram: @jposoriofit

TikTok: @jposoriofit

16. Krissy Kennedy

Krissy Kennedy

Age: 27

Job: Model

Instagram: @krissymarika

TikTok: @krissymarika

17. Linda Charlie

Linda Charlie

Age: 23

Job: Construction worker and model

Instagram: @lindagracecharlie

TikTok: @lindagracecharlie

18. Lisa Mancini

Lisa Mancini

Age: 29

Job: Cosplay artist

Instagram: @lisa.mancinerh

TikTok: @lisa.mancinerh

19. Maria Garcia-Sanchez

Maria Garcia-Sanchez

Age: 30

Job: Apparel and textile designer

Instagram: @_mariags_

20. Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith

Age: 26

Job: Executive Assistant

Instagram: @marilynsmith_

TikTok: @marilyn_smith

21. Matia Marcantuoni

Matia Marcantuoni

Age: 28

Job: Fitness coach

Instagram: @matiamarcantuoni

TikTok: @matiamarcantuoni

22. Meagan Morris

Meagan Morris

Age: 28

Job: Interior designer and actor

Instagram: @meagancmorris

TikTok: @meagsymo

23. Nithisha Ketheeswaran

Nithisha Ketheeswaran

Age: 26

Job: Insurance company manager

Instagram: @nithisa06

24. Paige Allen

Paige Allen

Age: 31

Job: Director of talent acquisition

Instagram: @paige_niicole

25. Quartney Mixon

Quartney Mixon

Age: 28

Job: Supplement brand owner

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Instagram: @quartneymixon

TikTok: @quartney.mixon

27. Rianna Hockaday

Rianna Hockaday

Age: 27

Job: Registered nurse

Instagram: @riannahockaday

28. Samantha Picco

Samantha Picco

Age: 33

Job: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @samanthapicco

TikTok: @sambrandforever

Bachelor in Paradise Canada season 1 was filmed at a scheduled lake resort, which was nicknamed the Love-nest in Ontario, according to sources. However, the exact location isn’t known. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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