BABYMONSTER members lineup: YG reveals final lineup of new girl group

The fans are showering immense excitement as they celebrate as BabyMonster’s debut lineup reveals a thrilling twist. It is believed that fans can’t keep calm as the upcoming episode is filled with suspense and thrill. You are required to read the article and follow us around for all the insights. The below might contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

BABYMONSTER members lineup

BABYMONSTER members lineup

At midnight, on May 12, YG Entertainment unveiled the final debut lineup of BABYMONSTER, its first girl group in seven years. The K-pop fandom went to into celebratory mode as Yang Hyun-suk, former agency CEO, revealed that all seven trainees would be debuting in the upcoming girl group. In the last week of April, Yang Hyun-suk shared that he saw the upcoming rookie group as a five-member band. The agency then released an eight-episode series titled Last Evaluation to showcase the talents of the seven trainees and hold competitions to eliminate some of them.

BABYMONSTER members lineup


  1. Ahyeon
  2. Pharita
  3. Rora
  4. Chiquita
  5. Ruka
  6. Haram
  7. Asa

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