WATCH: Atlanta Street Takeover Arrest, Driver Flees Cops

A pickup truck that was earlier involved in a street takeover later ran over a guy in the process of fleeing the police. Reportedly, this incident was caught on camera. The video of the pickup truck shows a black pickup truck barreling through bystanders and striking one of them as well. When the pickup truck speeds away from an intersection, it struck a man from the crowd. The pickup truck is seemingly in lots of trouble after this incident. The footage shows people screaming while the sirens wail. If you have not watched the video of the pickup truck involved in a street takeover in Atlanta, this article will help you in getting information about it. Keep reading this article for more details. Swipe down the screen and get more details.

Atlanta Street Takeover Arrest

Atlanta Street Takeover Arrest

The video shows a police vehicle ramming into the truck to stop the pickup truck. When the pickup truck got pinned between a curb and a police car, the driver of the pickup truck comes out with both hands up and later he surrenders at gunpoint. You must be thinking if the man hit by the pickup truck has survived or died. Thankfully, the man survived the incident, he immediately got up and walked away from there. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Atlanta Street Takeover Arrest

After stopping the pickup truck, the Georgia State Police arrested the man who was driving the truck. The video also shows the police handcuffing the driver after putting him down on the ground. The fierce video of the pickup truck has taken over the internet by storm. It is creating a stir and leaving people in a frenzy to know if the man hit by the truck is alright or not, and who is the pickup truck driver who hit people while fleeing the police. Swipe down the page and learn about him.

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Atlanta Street Takeover Arrest

A spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Public Safety told on Monday morning that the incident unfolded at around 7:35 pm. The Georgia Safety Patrol on-duty officer was observing the scene at 17th Street and Northside Drive where a large crowd had gathered. The video shows a black Ford F-150 pickup truck doing donuts in the middle of the intersections which drew the attention of the police. Then the pickup truck tried to flee the troopers. The name of the truck driver has been kept secret by Georgia DPS. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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