Man faking as Army Officer Arrested in Odisha

An incident happened in Odisha’s Berhampur where police arrested a man faking as an Army Officer. According to Gopalpur Police, they arrested a man for allegedly imposing as an Army Officer and duping numerous people with the promise of jobs to unemployed youths. The arrested man is identified as Santosh Sethi. Police also stated that the accused is from Nandigore village in Ganjam district which comes within the boundaries of the Dharakote Police. Since the accused was arrested this story has been making headlines and trending on social media leaving people worried and curious as well how Santosh Sethi duped people with the promise of jobs. In the following sections of this column, we have shared all the imperative details. Kindly drag down the page and take a look below for more information.


Army Officer Arrested

Saravana Vivek M who is Berhampur SP said the accused is a dismissed army officer. Santosh Sethi was dismissed from the Army for indiscipline and long absence. After getting dismissed from the Army, Santosh Sethi allegedly started duping the unemployed youths by giving them offers of placement in the Defense sector through his sources. As Santosh Sethi faked being an Army Officer, the unemployed youths did not suspect Santosh Sethi. Continue reading this article and know more details.


The people who were duped by the fake Army Officer gave him not less than Rs 20,000. They easily believed Santosh Sethi because he took them inside the Army Air Defense College located at Golabandha. A victim of Santosh Sethi identified as Gouri Shankar Sethi from Gajapatu Nagar in Berhampur, suspect Santosh Sethi after he took his two-wheeler and vanished. The victim then filed a complaint at the Baidyanathpur police station. Later, other victims of Santosh Sethi also became suspicious when they failed to reach out to Santosh Sethi after paying him not less than Rs 20,000. They also went to file complaints in different police stations of Kodala, Gopalpur, and Golanthara. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

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Upon filing numerous complaints against Santosh Sethi, the police started an intensive operation to nab him. Meanwhile, the police arrested Santosh Sethi from Gopalpur and interrogated him. In custody, Santosh Sethi admitted his crime. From Santosh Sethi police seized copies of the Rajput Regiment Center identity card, a stolen two-wheeler, photos in Army Uniform, and other items. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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