Army Black Hawk Helicopter Crash: US Army identifies 9 soldiers killed

Nine soldiers were killed when two Army Black Hawk helicopters crashed during a training exercise in Kentucky on Wednesday night, officials said on Thursday morning. The crash occurred at around 10 pm, local time in Trigg County, west of Fort Campbell, the Army base said in a statement early on Thursday. The two HH-6o Black Hawk medical evacuation aircraft were engaged in a training exercise, said to officials. All 9 soldiers were based at Fort Campbell in the 101st Airborne Division. Their identities were not immediately made public, which is also described as ‘fairly typical’.

Army Black Hawk Helicopter Crash

Army Black Hawk Helicopter Crash

The helicopters were being flown using night vision goggles. The army has deployed an aircraft safety team from Alabama who will arrive later Thursday and initiate an investigation into the cause of the crash. He said he is hopeful investigators will be able to pull data from on-board computers, noting there’s something similar to a black box on board that can shed more light on the crash.

Army Black Hawk Helicopter Crash

In a statement provided to NBC NEWS, he called his son a real-life captain of America who loved serving his country in the Army. The medical evacuation helicopters were conducting a routine training mission when they crashed at approx 10 pm. It is still unclear what caused the crash, a team from fort Rucker,  Alabama is currently on site and investigating the incident. Wednesday’s accident was the deadliest aviation training incident since 2015 when 11 service members were killed when a black hawk crashed off the coast in Florida.

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