Anju Krishna Arrested with Drugs in Kazhakuttam Trivandrum

It feels really bad to watch our favorite actor or actress get involved in serious crimes. Many people consider them as their role models and their illegal acts can break their hearts. However, it is now not so new to hear the connection between actors/actresses with drugs but still, it is shocking how our role models are involved in it. We often hear the arrest news of famous celebrities who are found involved in taking drugs and they even get trolled on social media platforms. Once again, an actress is getting detained with drugs and this news is bringing a lot of chaos on social media.

Anju Krishna

Anju Krishna Arrested with Drugs

The fans of the actress are quite upset ever since they heard this news and could not able to believe on it that their favorite actress consumes drugs. Whereas there are many people who want to know which actress we are talking about and how the police get to know about it. The actress identified as Anju Krishna had recently been detained in Kazhakuttam, Trivandrum for reportedly possessing drugs. She is a popular actress who has acted in many films and TV shows. Not only her fans but the entertainment industry is also confused and shocked.

Anju Krishna

The reports state that she was detained by the police department of Kazhakuttam on Monday, 20th March 2023 for reportedly possessing drugs. The cops had to get the tip-off about drug peddling in the area and they linked a raid to the apartment of Anju. At the time of the search, the police discovered 52 grams of MDMA which is a synthetic drug commonly known as ecstasy which she hide in her flat. However, the actress has rejected her involvement in drug peddling and asserts that someone has planted drugs in her flat and she is innocent.

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Anju Krishna

Though, the cops detained her based on the proof discovered in her flat. Anju Krishna is presently in the custody of the police, and the probe is going on. Her fans are still not believing it, the police have not shared much information about this case but our sources are keeping an eye on it. Anju is a famous actress who accumulated a fan following after working in many films and Television shows. She began her acting career in the entertainment industry as a child artist. Since then she never turned back and came up in many notable movies. It is not the first time an actress is found involved in taking drugs as many actors/actresses and their children are too found taking drugs. She is still behind bars and police are interrogating her.

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