Ajay Devgun Faced Eye Injury While Filming A Combat Scene For Singham Again Movie

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Ajay Devgun eye injury

Ajay Devgun Faced Eye Injury

During a combat scene, while filming Singham Again, Ajay Devgn had an eye injury on set. The movie’s director, Rohit Shetty, went straight to the hospital. Devgn made sure the scene was finished by returning to the set after a brief break, despite the event. Currently, Ajay Devgn is filming “Singham Again.” The news that Rohit Shetty would be directing “Singham Again” excited movie buffs and fans alike. With filming now underway, Shetty’s most recent offering in the cop-focused film genre has never failed to enthrall and intrigue viewers. On the other hand, there have been updates from the set regarding Ajay Devgn, allegedly indicating that he sustained an eye injury while filming.

Ajay Devgun injury

A Mid-day report stated that “Rohit was filming a combat sequence in which Ajay was going up against the bad guys. The actor was unintentionally struck in the face by a maneuver, which sadly damaged one of his eyes. It was alarming, of course, and a doctor was called to the set right away.” According to the story, the unit had to move to Film City the following day, therefore the shoot had to end that day. As a result, Rohit recorded some scenes with the on-screen goons while Ajay took a brief break as the doctor attended to him. The scene was finished that same evening after the actor returned to work a few hours later.”

Deepika Padukone has entered the world of Rohit Shetty’s cops in the meantime. Speaking about Deepika’s return to “Singham,” Shetty declared, “We’re working on Singham next.” I was frequently asked who the female police officer in my universe was. Thus, allow me to officially announce that Deepika Padukone will play Lady Singham, the female police officer in Singham 3. We begin filming in the upcoming year.” “Singham Again” is the third instalment in the highly anticipated Singham franchise, which began with the triumphant “Singham” and “Singham Returns.” It is also the fifth project in the vast cinematic world created by Rohit Shetty.

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