Adil Raja Arrested: London police arrest social media activist

The news of Major Adil Raja has recently gone popular online. People began searching the internet for information about him as soon as they learned about him. The news of his detention shocked everyone, and as soon as they heard it, they all went searching online to find out why he had been arrested. We will provide information on him as well as his arrest in this article. Not only that, but we’ll also enlighten our readers about his family in this article. Continue reading the article to find out more.

Adil Raja Arrested

Adil Raja Arrested

Famous Pakistani ex-army veteran Major Adil Raja was born in Peshawar, Pakistan. Former Pakistan Army Major Major Adil Raja is a columnist, political pundit, security expert, and spokesperson for the Pakistan Veterans Society (PESS), a nonprofit organization for retired Pakistan Army personnel. Certainly, ex-major. Major Adil Raja was born in 1978, making him 45 years old at the moment. Major Adil Raja earned a bachelor’s degree in general science, military science, and international relations from the Pakistan Military Academy. The University of Peshawar is where he received his master’s degree.

Adil Raja Arrested

Sabine Kiyani is the wife of Major Adil Raja. She is a UK resident. In April 2022, Major Adil vanished, and Sabine Kiyani broke the news online. He finally made it home after six days in the UK. Major Adil Raja presently resides in London, United Kingdom. Umar Farooq Raja, a retired major, is his father’s name. London, England is now home to Major Adil Raja. Umar Farooq Raja, a retired major, is his father’s name. His parents are Pakistani citizens. Major Adil Raja published a movie about the previous commander of the Pakistani Army and other notable Generals on his YouTube channel. In videos, he recognized prominent, well-known Pakistani females. These actresses once had a relationship with Top Army Generals, claims Adil Raja.

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Adil Raja Arrested

Adil Raja, a wanted former military officer, is reportedly in custody in London as part of an investigation into allegations that he incited violence. His absence from Twitter seems to support rumors that he had been arrested. The rumors, according to Pakistani journalist Anas Mallick, were false and Major (ret) Adil Raja had not been detained. He said, citing sources, that Raja had been called in by the police to be questioned for his involvement in the encouragement of violence on his social media sites. Adil Raja’s YouTube channel was recently blocked for disseminating false material. After being temporarily imprisoned, Adil Raja left Pakistan with his British-born wife Sabeen Kayani.

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