Abby Zwerner Shooter Parents: Virginia Teacher Shot By Six-Year-Old Files $40m Lawsuit

Many people want to know about Abby Zwerner Shooter’s details, who is none other than a 6-year-old student from the Rickneck Elementary School. Read the article to know the entire documentary.

On January 6, 2023, an American school teacher Abby Zwerner was seriously injured when a six-year-old male student shot her while she was teaching in her classroom at Rickneck Elementary School in Virginia. Reportedly, the boy had brought a 9mm long semi-automatic pistol in his backpack which belonged to her mother. Her shooting arises conversations about the ability of young shooters and their parents which was compared with the 2000 killing of Kayla Rolland, also committed by a six-year-old student.

Abby Zwerner Shooter Parents

Abby Zwerner Shooter Parents

In the 17 months, it was the third gun violence incident in Newport News Public School district. Richneck Elementary School is a school with 550 students.  The school was equipped with metal detectors, which were randomly used to detect students. During a routine lesson, approx 2 pm local time on Jan 6, 2023, a six-year-old male student pointed a 9mm pistol at Abby, the teacher, and then shot at her when she tried to reach out for the weapon. The bullet first passed through her hand and then lodged in her chest. Police, reportedly claimed that the shooting was intentional. They also said that there was no struggle pr warning was given before the student discharged the gun. The child’s mother legally owned the gun that he brought to the school in his backpack.

Abby Zwerner Shooter Parents

Afterward, the school remained closed during the subsequent week. The school announced that Principal, Foster Newton left the position shortly before the school re-opened on Jan 30. Additionally, school assistant principal Dr. Ebony resigned before the school re-opened, and the school district superintendent was voted out effective on Feb 1. The school got re-opened with additional safety measures in the form of two permanent school division security officers, two metal detectors, doors installed in open areas, and all students receiving clear backpacks.

Abby Zwerner Shooter Parents

Later, the child shooter was arrested and remained in a healthcare facility as of Jan 13, 2023. Because of his very young age, the child was not able to be identified. On Jan 25, the teacher’s lawyer stated that they intended to file a lawsuit regarding multiple failures by the administration to respond that the student had a gun on the school campus. Later, the child’s parents released an anonymized statement via their attorney that stated that he had an acute disability.  A notice of intent to sue has been provided to the school system by Zwerner’s lawyer.

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