West Point discovers artifacts inside 1828 Time capsule!

Recently, when experts opened a West Point time capsule, originally they found nothing and the box turned out to hold hidden treasure after all. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

1828 Time Capsule

1828 Time capsule

Recently, on Wednesday, a nearly 200-year-old West Point time capsule that appeared to yield little more than dust when it was opened during a disappointing livestream contained hidden treasure after all. However, it was just more hidden than expected. It was believed that the lead box had been placed by cadets in the base of a monument that actually contained six silver American coins that were dated from 1795 to 1828 and a commemorative medal. It was known that all were discovered in the sediment of the box at Monday’s ceremonial opening at the New York academy that appeared to be its only contents. Reportedly, Paul Hudson, an archeologist said that when he first found these, it would have been great to have found them on stage. He took the box back to his lab and began carefully shifting through the silt with a small wooden pick and brush.

Moreover, he said that he was as disappointed as anyone by the underlying results of the live opening, which brought comparisons to Geraldo Rivera’s televisioned 1986 uncovering of a Chicago hotel purposely belonging to gangster Ai Capone which ordinarily revealed nothing but dirt. However, the event was live-streamed and cadets were filmed by giving their own predictions for what was inside the box. Hudson claimed that he was a little disappointed and that he was going to tell the truth that was the last outcome. He added that it was probably better to extract the coins and medal in a controlled setting where he plans to analyze for more clues about what else it could have inside. Seemingly, it appeared to be moisture and apparently, it felt like paper or wood inside.

In the box, it was a 1795, 5-cent coin, an 1800 liberty dollar, an 1818, 25-cent coin, 10-cent and 1-cent coins from 1827, and an 1828, 50-cent coin. There were various expert websites that indicate the actual value of most of the coins which depend on the condition which is between a couple hundred dollars to well over $1,000. It was reported by the New York, CBS, that when the monument is rebuilt, West Point will place a new time capsule inside, which was to be opened later.

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