12th Fail Bollywood Movie Submitted To Oscars As Independent Entry From India

We are going to share some news with you about Vikrant Massey’s disclosed “12 Fail” submitted for Oscars 2024 as an independent entry. Yes, the Bollywood actor Vikrant Massey has made the information that Vidhu Vinod Chopra, who has done the work as the director for the movie “12th Fail” has submitted for Oscars as an independent nomination, reported by the reputed media outlet. People are trying to grab more details about the news. What happened? What is the entire matter behind the news? Let’s continue the article.

12th Fail Bollywood Movie Submitted To Oscars

12th Fail Bollywood Movie Submitted To Oscars

According to the report, Vikrant Massey was talking at the Sahitya Aaj Tak 2023 event when he made the confirmation that “12th Fail” had been submitted to the reputed award, which Oscars as an independent entry from India. We hope that you will have knowledge regarding the film 12th Fail. If you don’t know let us tell you that 12th Fail is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language biographical drama film and the writer, producer, and director is Vidhu Vinod Chopra. This film is based on the eponymous non-fiction book by Anurag Pathak 2019, which is based on the real-life story of Manoj Kumar Sharma who overcame severe deprivation to become an Indian Police Service officer.

12th Fail submitted to Oscars

This amazing film was launched on 27 October 2023 in the theaters and the film has done good work. The acting level in the film was superb and amazing. Yes, people loved the acting of the actors, who were doing work in the film as an actor. This film was launched in various languages, including Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, and Kanada. As we know the lead role is played by Vikrant Massey as Manoj and the female actress is  Medha Shankar. She has also shown her talent with her acting to impress the audience with her acting skills. Keep reading for all entire information about the news.

If we come to the earnings of the film let us tell you the film got critical acclaim and emerged as a sleeper hit, grossing over 55 crore on a 20 crore budget. The film got mixed reviews from people. Every film gets mixed reviews from people and this film is also one of them. If you have not watched the film you should watch the film for better knowledge then you decide in a better way how is the film. The actor Vikrant has done several films and there is no doubt that he has good skills of acting. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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