Zaquan Adha Sakit Kemalangan accident update: Malaysian football player health update

Here we have some important updates for the Negeri Sembilan FC fans. This is to inform you that the captain of NSFC Mohamad Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak did not sustain any serious injury during the FA Cup quarter-final. Dark clouds were swiveling on the squad of NSFC as the club would have to miss Mohamad Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak for a long time but the extent of his injury is not severe. The doctors have given some relief by stating that no fracture was found during the scans. You are asked to stick with this page and read this article till the end to know more about Mohamad Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak’s injury. Scroll down the page.

Zaquan Adha

Zaquan Adha Sakit Kemalangan accident update

Sources have confirmed that the captain of The Negeri Sembilan Football Club has been released from the hospital. He was discharged from the medical facility on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, which almost relieve the club’s ranks of coaches and teammates ahead of their match against Kuching City Football Club on Sunday. But the captain of NSFC was reported to have injured his knee at the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium during the FA Cup quarter-final against Selangor Football Club last Saturday. Therefore, he may take a long time to be fit for the game. Scroll down the page and about the scans.

Zaquan Adha

A source suggested Mohamad Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak was released from the hospital last night and the doctor’s report found no cracks or fractures reported in the injury to his knee. He is expected to undergo an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan in the near future to detect other injuries to his knee. This development is a relief to the troop although it may not be able to act in the nearest future. How did Zaquan get injured? Let’s recall the incident that happened on Saturday. Scroll down the page.

Zaquan Adha

The battle between Selangor and NSFC had become fierce by the time Zaquan Adha was added to the squad as a substitute in the 78th minute of the game. He sustained the injury after a clash with Fazly Mazlan, Selangor’s defender. Reportedly, Fazly fell and hit Zaquan’s knee. Meanwhile, he was forced to be replaced. Nasrullah Hanif who is the assistant to the captain said that Zaquan’s injury is not serious because the player’s solemnity is still needed by Hobin Jang Hobin’s squad in wading through league rivals after the FA Cup challenge ended. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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