Zanoor Jaffari Arrested For Murder Of Wife Misbah Batool And Daughter Iazia Zanoor

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Zanoor Jaffari Arrested

A 31-year-old guy from Long Island named Zanoor Jaffari has been detained and accused of killing his wife Misbah Batool and their daughter Iazia Zanoor in a terrible and horrifying tragedy. The tragic incident took place at their family’s house on Jefferson Avenue in Brentwood, Suffolk County, on a seemingly routine Sunday afternoon. Just before 5 o’clock, police were called to the location, where they found the mother and child’s lifeless bodies with stab wounds. The horrific death of a young mother and her innocent kid at the hands of someone they once trusted has left the town and the country in shock and anguish.


In Suffolk County, Long Island, Zanoor Jaffari was detained in relation to the stabbing deaths of his wife and 2-year-old daughter. Zanoor Jaffari perpetrated an act of horrific violence one tragic afternoon that shattered the quiet community of Brentwood, Long Island. At 4:40 p.m., the Suffolk County Police Department responded to a distress call at the family’s residence on Jefferson Avenue. Authorities found the victims’ motionless bodies, both of whom had been fatally stabbed. Investigators are now concentrating their efforts on figuring out the circumstances leading up to this horrible crime and what would have inspired such horrifying conduct with a suspect in custody and ready to be arraigned.


Iazia Zanoor and Misbah Batool, Zanoor Jaffari’s wife, were both murdered, according to the charges brought against him. Friends, family, and neighbors were left in a state of great sadness and astonishment after hearing about the savage stabbing, which sent shockwaves across the neighborhood and beyond. Just before 5 o’clock, police were called to a call at the family’s Jefferson Avenue residence, where the alleged incident allegedly took place. Despite attempts to resuscitate them, mother and kid were both declared dead at a local hospital after the victims were discovered by the authorities with deadly stab wounds. What could have motivated a husband and father to perpetrate such a horrible crime against his own family remains the question on everyone’s mind as investigators work tirelessly to learn the truth behind this senseless act.

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