Youth appeared with fake call letter for primary teacher’s interview, arrested along with relatives

During an interview for the post of a primary teacher in West Bengal, a youth who brought a fake call letter was arrested along with his uncle and another relative.

Photo: Arrested with fake call letter.

Image credit source: PKBnews India

In Kolkata, West Bengal primary teacher During the interview, a youth and his two relatives were arrested with fake call letters. South Dinajpur A youth of the district was caught in the initial interview with a fake call letter. on saturday salt lake There was an interview for the job aspirants of South Dinajpur district at Acharya Prafulla Chandra (APC) Bhawan, Head Office of Primary Education Board. At this time this incident happened.

On seeing a job aspirant coming for an interview, the staff suspected the accused Sourav Ghosh. The youth was mainly arrested for his actions. Two other people were arrested along with him, whom the youth identified as relatives.

The young man came for the interview with a fake call letter

According to police sources of Bidhannagar East Police Station, the youth’s name is Pritam Ghosh. Saurabh, who is working in APC building, told the media that after looking into some matters, suspicions arose on the young man. The ‘call letter’ brought for the interview was not signed by the youth. The name of the young man was not in the list of candidates who came for job interview. Then Saurabh informed the board officials about the matter. When the officials asked the youth to show the admit card, he showed a copy of it. It is known that one of his relatives came with the young man. He said the original admit card was with another relative who was standing outside.

The police arrested the youth along with his relatives

Police first arrested a youth named Pritam and his relative. Both claimed at the police station that another relative was demanding a huge amount of money from them to give original admit cards. Later that relative was also arrested by the police. The police of Bidhannagar East police station are interrogating the three people to understand the whole matter. Apparently the police are treating this as a fake and fabricated move. However, he said that complete information can be given only after the interrogation of the accused. All three have been interrogated by the police of Bidhannagar East Police Station. According to police sources, the interview letter was given to Pritam Ghosh by an uncle in his neighbourhood. Sources also claimed that he got this call letter for Rs 50,000.

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The fourth round of TIT interview was going on.

The fourth round of TIT interview was going on in the board on Saturday, around 450 people were called on that day. According to police sources, Pritam Ghosh, a resident of Balurghat in South Dinajpur, entered the council office with him. Checking the call letter proved it to be fake. He was then arrested along with his relatives. Deputy Secretary Partha Karmakar said that a full investigation is underway.


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