Yarragon Train Accident: Van driver injured in a collision

Mix waves blowing from Yarragon where a major accident the victim of the accident has survived the tragedy which is no less than a miracle. According to the reports, a collision occurred between a train and a delivery van in Yarragon. The aftermath pictures of the accident are indicating that the passenger of the delivery van must have died but van’s driver’s fate did not let him die in a horrific accident. Meanwhile, people have been thrown into a frenzy to know about the train accident Yarragon. Since this story surfaced on the internet, it has been buzzing across and making headlines on every news channel. As a result, people have started asking questions about it. Later in the column, we have responded to every imperative question and shed light on relative aspects. Readers are asked to stick with this page and follow it till the last line. Swipe down the screen.

Train Accident Yarragon

Yarragon Train Accident

According to the reports, the driver of the van survived the accident but he sustained severe injuries in the crash. Where did it happen? Reportedly, the van and train collision occurred in a Victorian town on Tuesday morning at around 8:20 am when the emergency services were dispatched to the intersection of Princes Hwy and Rollo St in Yarragon. Kindly drag down the page and read the circumstances of the accident.

It has been reported that the accident took place at the railway crossing where the white delivery van collided with the V/Line train and tore the side of the van and left its parcels strewn across the roadway. An eyewitness named Karl Pesendorfer said, “Like a bomb went off in the car. If there were any pedestrians within 15-20m of that accident they would have been hit by debris or even killed.” Kindly drag down the screen and read more about this horrific crash.


The eyewitness, Karl Pesendorfer further said I see this bloke basically trying to play chicken with the train, trying to cross the railway. I feel sorry for these train drivers, especially for someone‚Äôs stupidity. However, it is also reported that people warned the driver of the delivery van before the accident. Sandy Lumber another eyewitness said, “They were all beeping their horn at him as well as the train, like the train had its horn on for like 20 seconds beforehand” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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