Who Is William’s Hair Wife? Was Lakeview Shooting Victim Married?

In recent news, it was reported that the Lakeview Shooting Victim, William Hair has passed away. Currently, the family mourns the demise of William Hair, who was reportedly shot dead. Here’s what you need to know about his wife and married life. Read the complete article and continue reading for more details. Follow us around for all the insights. William Hair, 35, a resident of Chicago, the one who was shot to death at about 2:15 am a weekend after walking from a friend’s home at a nearby bar. However, it was believed that an attempted robbery was performed by the occupants of a vehicle that pulled up alongside him. As per the sources, Hair was one of those five victims who were shot over the last four days at Broadway Avenue in Lakeview. Similarly, the recent shooting occurred near Broadway and Barry, injuring three people. Alderman Bennett, the 44th ward, said that the police have expanded patrols in the area, and the investigation of the gunshot incident is ongoing.

William Hair

Who Is William’s Hair Wife?

As soon as the news sparked over the social media platforms, about the Lakeview Shooting, people were shocked to hear that these were the five shootings in the last four days. Moreover, netizens are concerned about the victim, William Hair’s wife, and married life. Multiple questions have been arising after that particular incident. Many of his family members appeared in the media, including his brother and father who spoke about the incident, but none of them have revealed his married life. The official sources also haven’t shared any significant details in regard to his romantic interests, so this is yet to be updated.

William Hair

Similarly, his family members haven’t revealed his personal details in the interview as they just discussed the incident, Concluding, further details might get updated soon about William’s wife of him being married. William Hair was 35 at the time of his demise and as we speak about his family, he was survived by his father and brother. The news of William’s death shook people worldwide. William’s father, Bill Hair, and his brother are shattered by the fact that their beloved is no more alive. Additionally. information and details about William’s family including his mother will be updated soon. Therefore, the identity of other siblings has also not been revealed yet.

William Hair

The Chicago resident, William Hair was fatally killed on Broadway Avenue in Lakeview. The incident took place when at about 2:15 am on Friday. Reportedly, William was with his best friend, who gave his best to survive him. The family and friends are mourning the loss currently. Whereas, his father and brother recalled his memories during an interview. In the last four days, the city has gone through five shootings. The police have started investigating all the shootings to know if the shooters are linked to each other.

William Hair

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