Why is Meta restricting advertising, will the income of advertisers decrease?

Meta recently announced that Instagram and Facebook platforms will soon have the option to control ads for users under 18. Find out how it will benefit you.

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Meta Ads: Meta recently announced that the company is working on an update to its advertising system on both Instagram and Facebook platforms as an alternative to reach advertisers to users under 18. Making its point clear, the company said that from February only advertisers will be able to use only location and age to reach younger users.

We tell you that location and age will only contain information about a teenager, which the company can only use to serve ads. The reason behind doing this is to ensure that people under the age of 18 are viewing advertisements for products and services of their age.

Starting in March this year, users under 18 will have the ability to control ad content to limit the ads they see on Instagram and Facebook. This means that from March 2023, users under the age of 18 will have the option to hide any specific advertisers or all ads.

Meta says we’ve added a new privacy page for users, with this page providing users under 18 with more information about new tools and changes to privacy settings. The company says that users of this age will be able to use these tools and privacy settings to use our technology.

This means meta company is setting limits on ads, now it is to be seen whether after imposing limits on ads, it will affect the revenue of advertisers or not.


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