Why Is Justice For Preethi Trending On Twitter? Telangana medical student Death In Hyderabad

Over the past few years, awareness of mental issues has come forward and people are now actually concerned about it. Mental health issues are not a non-serious matter which we usually take it lightly, in fact, it is a serious matter and we should actually be aware of the consequences of it otherwise we will only regret it. There are many people who don’t about their bad mental health problems just because they think that society will not accept them and call them insane or crazy. It is the bitter truth of society that we do not take mental issues seriously and think they to be non-serious problems but when the harsh repercussion of it came only then do we start talking about it.

Justice For Preethi

Why Is Justice For Preethi Trending On Twitter?

There are many people who are ending their life just because of this issue and now one more name has been added to this list where a medical student ended her life. The matter is not just related to the mental issue but as well as the case of harassment which provoke the medical student to end her life. The victim of harassment is identified as Preethi who is no more and her family are totally devasted by her demise. According to this report, Preethi was a medical student and she was facing harassment by a senior pupil in Telangana who attempted suicide by injecting anesthesia and perished in the spite of continuous efforts.

The case has been lodged and the suspect identified as Saif is presently detained by the police. Now this news has outraged the people and stirred social media. People are demanding justice for her and want strict action against the suspect. After struggling for life for around 3-4 days, Dr. Preethi Dharavath, the post-graduate medical pupil was announced dead at around 09:10 PM on Sunday, 26th February 2023. She was a student of Kakatiya Medical College located in Warangal and took her last breath at the Institute of Medical Science, Nizam.

Her father, Dharwad Narendra is a citizen of Telangana and serves at Railway Protection Force A.S.I. He resides in Hyderabad along with his family. He has 3 daughters and Preethi was her younger daughter. Since her childhood, she was very much fond of studies and always wanted to become a doctor. After finishing her schooling, last year, she took admitted to Kakatiya Medical College where she was doing her post-graduation in Anesthesiology. The suspect Mohammed Ali Saif was also studying there and he started harassing her and as a consequence of it, she took her life. Her family is completely devasted by this news and wants justice for her.

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