Why did Raveena Tandon kill her husband? Fans can’t stop laughing after hearing the answer, watch the video

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon shared a funny video on social media in which she is seen telling her fans why she killed her husband. This video of the actress is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Raveena Tandon

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Raveena Tandon Funny Videos: Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon continues to entertain her fans through films, but the actress is seen doing something similar on social media as well. Apart from keeping her fans updated with her daily life, Raveena also shares some funny videos. The actress is married to film distributor Anil Thadani. Now the actress is running a fun series on Instagram with her husband. He shared the first part of it in December 2022. Which the fans liked. Now he has appeared with the second part of this video. Fans are also loving it.

In the new video, Raveena Tandon can be seen wearing a salwar suit with a headscarf. At this point he looks innocent but his intentions don’t seem noble. Like the first video, in this video she also left out her husband. And at this, the fans are in a bad state of laughter. Actually Raveena Tandon was called by wrong name by her husband. Then what happened, because of this she killed her husband. According to Raveena’s video, her name is Ranjana and her husband mistakenly calls her Sangeeta.

Fans can’t stop laughing after watching the second episode

The video shows the police interrogating him. At this time, he is talking about his misdeeds one by one with an innocent face. He captioned the video – Khod Ke Dekh Lo Part 2. Be careful husband. It is also trending. He should have played it safe and if he had just called me a kid instead of saying my wrong name it would have been a problem.

Liked the first part too

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Please let fans react after watching the video. One wrote – another masterpiece. Another person wrote – What an expression Ranjana. One wrote – Women’s power is not less than anyone. While talking about the first part, someone asks Raveena where her husband is. Rabina says find it in the garden. But when the man says that he can’t see Raveena’s husband anywhere. So he says dig the garden and see. Raveena’s fans also liked this video.


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