Why did James Craig get Arrested? Aurora Dentist accused of fatally poisoning wife

We don’t understand why people killed their own loved ones. Is their anger getting heavy on themselves that they are forgetting the line of hurting someone? Why they are killing their own loved ones for whom they are earning? It is always sad to hear the murder news of a wife who lost her life at the hands of her husband. The woman who thought to spend her entire life with a man has become the reason for her death. Now it is obvious for people to find out about it and search for more information about it.

James Craig

Why did James Craig get Arrested?

Out of so many cases, we are present here to share the murder news of a wife and her husband being detained by the police on the morning of Sunday, 19th March 2023. The suspect was identified as James Craig who is a dentist by profession and practised dentistry at Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora, Colorado located in the United States. James Toliver Craig is presently facing charges of 1st-degree murder. The netizens are looking to know more details about him and want to know why he took the life of his wife. Is it intentional murder or he did do the crime intentionally?

James Craig

Where Is James Craig Now?

Presently the accused dentist is behind bars and police detained him. On Sunday, 19th March 2023 James was charged with murder after reportedly assassinating his wife named Angela. The case of the murder has been lodged by patrol officers and the Major Crimes Homicide Unit of the Aurora Police Department at 02:00 AM. Mark Hildebrand, the chief of Aurora Division released an official statement disclosing the detention news and the case details of Craig. The neighbours and family members of Craig are quite shocked ever since they heard this murder news as Craig was close to everyone and even his married life was also going well.

James Craig

Though his recent detain has stunned the Aurora community, as James has practised dentistry in the city for 10 years. His patients informed news journalists that James was always professional and friendly. The suspect dentist is facing a murder charge after cops discovered evidence that he lethally poisoned his spouse, Angela at 08:45 PM. On Wednesday, James drove Angela to the medical institution because she complained of serious headaches and dizziness.

James Craig

After coming to the hospital, her condition of Angela’s getting worsened and she was immediately put on the ventilator in the ICU. Later on, she was declared medically brain-dead.¬†The case has been lodged and the cops reported that homicide detectives probed the sudden demise of the lady and discovered proof that she was poisoned. Briefly, after doctors took the deceased off life support and instantly issued the warrant for the dentist was obtained early morning of Sunday.

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