Why did DIG Vijay Kumar Shot Himself? Coimbatore Range DIG Commits Suicide

It is always sad to hear the tragic news when someone leaves the world and put everyone in grief. Death news is always cruel to hear but when the person kills himself, then the news becomes more horrible. There is a constant rise in suicide cases has been seen in recent years and the reasons are always pointed out the bad mental health of the victim. Sometimes the pain and the problems of a person force them to kill themselves. Nobody wants to leave their loved ones in grief but sometimes our problems force us to take harsh steps. It is easy to call them cowards but no one tries to understand the pain of the person.

DIG Vijay Kumar

Why Did DIG Vijay Kumar Shot Himself?

Looks like something similar happen in the case of DIG Vijay Kumar who ended his own life. Most of the news websites are claiming this thing and stating that the late DIG killed himself. Now after hearing this rumor, many people are curious to know the authenticity of this rumor and what is the reason behind it. This incident happened in Tamil Nadu where people are shocked after learning the news and they want high authorities to look at the matter. The late DIG Vijaykumar was an esteemed member of the Tamil Nadu Police Force, having served in many important roles throughout his career.

He had recently been transferred to the Coimbatore range in the month of January 2023, having previously been appointed to the position of Superintendent of Police (SP) in many districts within the state. Now, after learning the death news of Vijay Kumar, people are trauma and want justice for him. The reports are stating that this tragic incident happened in the Coimbatore range on 7th July 2023. The late 2009-batch IPS officer tragically killed himself with his own service pistol. The investigation has been approached to look into the matter and the reason behind this spine-chilling incident. The investigating officers are trying to find out the reason for the sad death of the late DIG.

The reports state on the morning of 7th July 2023, at around 06:15 AM, Vijayjumar was found by his gunman in his camp office at his official residence and as soon as the news spread, the entire community get stirred up. His body was covered with a pool of blood. During the investigation, the gunman states that the late officer had borrowed the service pistol from him prior to entering his room and after a few minutes, he heard the voice of a gunshot. He immediately rushed towards the room where he find the lifeless body of the late officer. He instantly called the ambulance and admitted the officer but doctors declared him dead.

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