Why Did Anna Matthews Kill Herself? Suicide Death And Obituary

Not only murder but taking your own life is also a sin. But still many people are killing themselves and putting us in thought that how easily people are taking their lives whether the mental stress of the people has reached that extent where they are finding that death is the only solution to their problems. Despite running or organizing many drives against suicide people are opting for this harsh step rather than talking to someone. A deep talk can be the solution to any problem but sometimes our minds get exhausted to that level where our brain stops working and our heart or emotions overflow instigating us to take our own lives.

Anna Matthews

Why Did Anna Matthews Kill Herself?

Looks like something happened with Anna Matthews who took this harsh step without thinking about her parents. Yes, you are assuming right she took her own life and put her entire family in a mourning state. Her suicide news has now forced people to find out the reason for her harsh step. However, this case is not new but it is still fresh in the mind of everyone. This deceased worked as a church administrator at St. Bene. She served as the head of ordinands of the diocese from the year 2012 to 2019. Before talking about her sad sudden death let’s get details about her in a brief manner. Anna finished her theological studies at Robison College in Cambridge and after that, she was finishing her priestly preparation.

In the year 2003, she get her ordination, and then she finished her curacy in Abbots Langley at St. Lawrence and served as Canon Precentor for 6 years in St. Albans Cathedral. After learning her suicide news Canon Mark Oakley, the spiritual director of Cannon Matthews shared a eucharist at 10:00 AM in St. Bene on Sunday, 12th March 2023. He recalled her for the contribution she gave to society and sent their condolences to her family. Canon Kevin Walton paid tribute to her and called this news “devastating”. She was a brilliant pastor as well as a wonderful preacher.

Her death news is no less than trauma for everyone. There are many people who want to know the reason for her harsh step which is not known at this moment. The suicide case has been lodged and not many details were shared by the cops. Though her death news is officially confirmed by several verified sources. The reason for her harsh step is not known at this moment but we are trying to fetch more details of her death and will surely share them with our readers. At this tough time, we can only pay tribute to her and pray for the strength of her family.

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