Why did Akanksha Dubey Commit Suicide? Bhojpuri Actress Last Death Video Goes Viral

A piece of horrible news is coming for the northern part of India where a famous regional actress ended her life by committing harsh steps. This news appeared as a shock to many people and it is quite unexpected news to hear as the career of the actress was in a good state and her many projects were in line up. She took her life on the same day when her music video was released and her fans still don’t digest the fact that she committed suicide. The late actress is identified as Akansha Dubey and she was quite prominent in the Bhojpuri entertainment industry.

Akanksha Dubey

Why did Akanksha Dubey Commit Suicide?

The reports state that the 25-year-old late actress was discovered dead inside Sarnath Hotel which is located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. As we mentioned above she committed suicide on the same day as her music video with singer-actor Pawan Singh. After her sudden and unexpected death, her music video went viral and her fans are commenting on their sorrow in the comment section of the music video. She was quite active in the Bhojpuri film industry for many years and appeared in many films that include “Mujhse Shaddi Krogi (Bhojpuri)”, Band Baj Gaya Dulha Fans Gya”, and Saajan.

Akanksha Dubey

Akanksha Dubey Mental Health Update

Now her fans want to know the reason for her extremely harsh step and what made her end her own life. As we said her dead body was found in Sarnath Hotel. She was in Varanasi for the shooting of her forthcoming project. The case has been registered and the investigation is ongoing. The reports state that the circumstances surrounding to her demise are yet to come. It is worth noting that the late actress shared the video yesterday night (24 prior to her demise) where she flaunted her belly dancing skills on the Bhojpuri song.

Akanksha Dubey

Is Akanksha Dubey Left Any Suicide Notes?

She was quite active on social media platforms and usually posts her content on Instagram where she has accumulated a huge fan following. She used to share her professional as well as personal life through videos and pictures. In her every photo she was looking happy even in her last post which she posted a day before her death she was looking happy. Other than that, the reports of the media outlet that the late actress was suffering from depression in the year 2018 and she was even taking pills and taking a break from the movie industry.

Akanksha Dubey’s Last Instagram Video and Death Footage Goes Viral

The entire Bhojpuri entertainment industry is mourning her ultimate passing. It is yet not know what made her end her life. Her career was good and she had a loving beau and caring parents. She was in the love with her co-star fellow, Samar Singh. We are trying to fetch more details about her unexpected step.

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