Who Is Xu Zhihui? Food Vlogger Arrested For Cat in a blender viral video

A few days ago a video titled Cat In Blender surfaced on the internet and went viral all over social media. Meanwhile, widespread outrage occurred due to this video. People on social media condemned the act of the person who put the cat in a blender. After seeing the torture against the cat, people demanded strict action against the man who was behind the camera in the video. Recently, it was reported that the man responsible for this heinous act had been arrested. But who is he and what is his name? Some sources claimed that famous internet personality Xu Zhi Hui aka Xu Zhihui is the person who allegedly put the cat in a blender. Is Xu Zhi Hui arrested? This question is prevailing in everyone’s mind. If you are also scrambling to the arrest news of Xu Zhi Hui, this is the right place. Stick with this page and keep reading this article. Take a look below.

Xu Zhihui

Who Is Xu Zhihui? Food Vlogger Arrested

Who is Xu Zhi Hui? Since Xu Zhi Hui’s name has come to the fore in relation to the Cat in Blender video, many have been asking who is he. As far as we know about him, he is a food vlogger who hails from China. In addition, Xu Zhi Hui has more than 400,000 followers on the Internet. It is alleged that he has been killing cats for a long time and sells cat abuse videos on various chat software and forums. The behavior was very horrific, using a series of cruel methods such as fire, cutting cat nails, and dismembering. What’s even more ironic is that before this incident fermented, he was actually rated as an excellent good person. Scroll down the screen and read more about him.

Xu Zhihui

Cat in a blender viral video explained

People have been taking over the internet to find out if Xu Zhi Hui is arrested or not. The answer is Yes, he has been arrested for his cruel behavior towards cats. Xu Zhihui is also known as Jack Latiao. It has been alleged that Xu Zhi Hui captures stray cats, kills them brutally, and films abusive videos to upload them on the internet. When he was arrested? Xui Zhihui was arrested on April 27, 2023, for torturing the cat in a blender. Police arrested him after a group of people filed a complaint against him. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Xu Zhihui Xu Zhihui Xu Zhihui Xu Zhihui

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