Who Was Colton Michael Kline: Child Died From A Dog Attack

A tragic and awful news came on the web and gained the attention of the people. Yes, a name is stealing the spotlight because of shocking news. A 4-year-old lost his life, identified as Colton Michael Kine, and was mauled to death by his family dog on Halloween in Washington State. Yes, this incident happened in America. Everyone is shocked by this news and they are trying to the deep details of this. What happened to the boy? How did he die? These questions will be explained in this article.

Colton Michael Kline

Who Was Colton Michael Kline

According to the report of Police Department officers an animal attacked a child. This accident took place on 31, October 2023, Tuesday. Yes, this accident happened at around 8 p.m. The reports are saying that this attack happened to the family dog. Police officers said it was a tragic and awful incident and gave help to them. When this accident happened everyone put their all the possible effort but after this, the child lost his life because of severe injuries. As police shared that the family made valiant attempts to save the child and the dog got injured very seriously and was not able to get the help that’s why police officers euthanize the dog on site.

Who Was Colton Michael Kline

Police have disclosed the report regarding the case that there was no foul play and they do not believe that the incident has any criminal involvement. The dog attacked in a residence and was not related to trick-or-treating. When the incident happened officers reached there they had to take the life of the dog. Now, the body is under the custody of the dog by SCRAP. On the day of Friday, 4 November, the page which was made two days ago has accumulated 10,000. This GoFund page was made to help for the family.

The family never thought that their family would have to face the phase. A neighbor said that when the family of the boy asked for help they got shocked. However, the situation got out of hand, and the boy left his life. All are very sad because of his sudden death and the awful thing is that he was killed by their own dog. If you have any animal be careful and notice the behaviour of the pet. If you are noticing changes in their behaviour take them to a doctor before happening any incident. Stay tuned for more updates. Stay tuned for more updates.

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