Who Was Al Qazm Aka Aziz Al-Ahmad? Saudi Youtuber ‘Dwarf’ Dies At The Age Of 27

TikTok sensation Aziz Al-Ahmad aka Aziz Al-Asmar has passed away. Yes, you read it right, the famous Tiktoker from Saudi is no more. As he was a popular figure on social media his death news quickly spread on all the platforms. Meanwhile, it has become a trending subject there. A hashtag for Aziz Al-Ahmad is also trending on Twitter, #Aziz. As far as we know about Aziz Al-Ahmad’s death, he was pronounced dead on January 19, 2023. There is no doubt in the fact that Aziz Al-Ahmad had a huge fan following in Saudi. His followers are getting curious to learn what was Aziz Al-Ahmad’s age and what caused him to pass away at a premature age. Scroll down the page and read more details. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Al Qazm aka Aziz Al-Ahmad

Who was Al Qazm aka Aziz Al-Ahmad?

Aziz Al-Ahmad had a Youtube channel where he used to post car videos. He was greatly fond of supercars. According to Gorgeous, Aziz Al-Ahmad took his last breath on January 19 in a Saudi hospital. This saddening news was confirmed by various social media outlets. Speaking about Aziz Al-Ahmad’s age, he died after completing a life span of 27. Aziz Al-Ahmad was 27. As he died at a premature age, his cause of death has become the center of attention. Learn more about him in further sections. Missing: Who Are Hadley And Maylea? 11-Year-Old Children From New South Wales, Sydney

Aziz Al-Ahmad was born in Riyadh in 1995. He was a renowned Youtuber. Many people also used to call him Al-Qazm. His growth problem helped him in attaining people’s attention. He was an Arabic dwarf who was suffering from a growth hormonal disorder. Aziz Al-Ahmad used to film comic videos. You can watch his videos on Youtube. His character was loved by the audience. This is the reason, he had a huge number of followers on social media. Scroll down the page and read more details. What Happened To Darcey Corria? Miss Wales Hospitalized after M4 Car Accident video footage goes viral

Talking about Aziz Al-Ahmad’s health issues, he was suffering from a genetic disease known as a hormonal disorder which affected his physical growth and appearance. However, Aziz Al-Ahmad’s family went for every possible medical effort but nothing came into use. Aziz Al-Ahmad was suffering from physical challenges from his birth. Recently, his health declined severely and he passed away on January 19, 2023. We send our deepest thoughts and condolences to his family during this time. Who Is Mohammad Mehdi Karami? Iranian Karate Athlete Sentence To Death: Arrest And Charge

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