Who are Sneha Jose, Jisna Mary Joseph, and Adon Besti? Wayanad Accident Victim Identified

Shock waves are coming from Kasargod where a fatal accident was reported on Sunday evening. According to the reports, the fatal accident cost the lives of three young individuals, and three others were also left injured in the crash. Since the news of the Wayanad Accident surfaced on the internet, people have been thrown into a frenzy to search for what happened there and what the circumstances surrounding the accident were. Many are also asking about the identities of the victims. This news column is filled with all the imperative details linked to Wayanad Accident. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Sneha Jose, Jisna Mary Joseph, and Adon Besti

Wayanad Accident Victim Identified

Reportedly, the three people who died in the accident were all graduate students. They died after their call fell into a pit. This tragic incident occurred on Sunday evening, April 23, 2023. As mentioned, the other three were also left seriously injured in the accident. What led to the crash or what was the possible cause of the accident? The circumstances of the accident have been explained in the next section. Take a look below.

As per the details shared by the authorities, the driver of the car hit an electric pole after losing control of the car and the car fell into a roadside pit after the collision with a pole. As the impact of the accident was so severe, three occupants of the car died at the scene. What were the identities of the victims died in the accident? Reportedly, all three victims who died were the students of Don Bosco College of Angadi Kadav located in Kannur. In addition, they were all 20 years old. Scroll down and read the names of the victims who died.

Sneha Jose, Jisna Mary Joseph, and Adon Besti

Who are Sneha Jose, Jisna Mary Joseph, and Adon Besti?

The three deceased who died in the accident were identified as Sneha Jose, 20, Jisna Mary Joseph, 20, and Adon Besti, 20. They were from Kasaragod’s Vellarikandu. The other victims who were left injured after the crash were Adon’s sister named Deona Besti, a sister of Sneha named Sona Joseph, and Sanjo Jose. As per the reports, the injured victims were taken to a nearby medical facility. Reportedly, they were traveling to Malayathuri when the accident took place. An investigation must have started and is under process at this time. More details to come out soon. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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