Who is Luther Chen? Chef eliminated in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars season 1 episode 4

There are many reality shows that are telecasted on television for the entertainment of the audience. However, it is not the sole purpose of the show as they try to give a platform to those people who are extremely talented in their respective fields but never got a chance to show their talent to the world. These shows help these talented people to show their talent and these ordinary people with extraordinary talent also get a lot of limelight and that is why when they get eliminated from the show their fans get sad and disappointed.

Luther Chen

Who is Luther Chen?

There are many entertaining reality show to watch and people shows their interest in these shows according to their interest. So those people who love to watch cooking-based reality show is currently enjoying watching the 1st season of “Gordon Ramsay Food Stars”. There are many wonderful participants who are showing their culinary talent to the world but as the concept of any reality show only one can be the winner and the rest of the contestants will get eliminated every week. One such elimination is presently pulling a lot of attention and the fans of the show are quite disappointed with this elimination.

There are several people who want to know about this evicted contestant and are quite interested to know about his personal as well as professional life. The brand new episode of the famous reality culinary competition series was telecasted on Wednesday, 14th June 2023 at around 09:00 PM ET only on Fox. In this episode, the audience watched the elimination of Luther Chen from the show which means he is the 4th contestant who get eliminated. People really loved the culinary skills of this contestant and his elimination is quite a disappointing thing for them.

Luther presently resides in Los Angeles, California. He is the Founder and Chef of Luther Bob’s which is a fried chicken business. His outlet is quite popular and people love to visit his restaurant. Despite being a stunning chef, he failed to impress the judges and chance to get the grand prize as an investment to larger and strengthen his company. His fans are sad about his elimination but wish him luck for his bright future. There are many people who are showing their interest in his personal and professional life and want to know more about it.

As we already mentioned above, he is the owner and the chef of Luther Bob’s. He completed his education in Culinary Science/ Culinology in the year 2014 from The Culinary Institute of America. At the time of his educational years, he worked in numerous restaurants and learned different types of cuisines. However, he failed to beat the other contestants of the show and due to that, he get eliminated from the show.

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