Who Is SSSniperWolf? YouTuber video Funniest Kids and Parents On TikTok goes viral

Here we are going to give information about the SSSniperwolf as she has been going viral over the internet. Everyone is going through the internet to know more about her. not only that they also like to know about her life and careers she has been going viral over the internet. So, for our readers, we have brought the information about her in this article. Not only that we are also going to give the details about her life and her background as the public searching about it over the internet. So, keep reading through the internet to know more.


Who Is SSSniperWolf?

On October 22, 1992, Alia Marie Shelesh, better known by her stage name SSSniperwolf, was born in England. She is a British-American YouTube content maker with over 3.7 million followers on Little Lia and over 31 million on the SSSniperWolf channel. The “Touch My Body Challenge” is one of her most well-liked videos. Over 100 million people have watched the video. Millions of people have watched Shelesh’s other films as well. She has in fact shown that she is deserving of being a YouTube celebrity. Alia Marie Shelesh, better known online as SSSniperWolf is a well-known YouTube personality.

She is American-British and well-known for her gaming and response videos. Shelesh was born in England on October 22, 1992, and is of Greek and Turkish ancestry. Sniper Wolf, one of the villains in “Metal Gear Solid,” is where she acquired her moniker. Shelesh enrolled in a university after transferring from Glendale Community College to study pharmacy, but she eventually switched to nursing. When her father decided to get her a PlayStation when she was six, she began playing video games. Shelesh’s charisma and variety of skills have helped her rise to the status of one of the most popular and well-paid YouTubers in the world. When she first joined YouTube in 2013, she set it up as a “Call of Duty” gaming channel.


She has 5.3 million Instagram followers in addition to over 31 million subscribers and 18 billion cumulative views on her Youtube channel. Following the success of her initial Youtube channel, Shelesh launched Little Lia in 2014, a platform devoted to DIY video instruction as well as home goods, crafts, and recipes focusing on topics of interest to women. The channel presently has 571 million views and more than 3.7 million subscribers. Shelesh has seen some difficult times. In 2013, after hitting a security guard, she was arrested along with Evan Sausage and spent two days in jail. She was detained in 2016 for disorderly behavior and resisting arrest, however, the accusations against her were eventually dismissed.

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