Who Is Penina Lopesi? Arrested, Macarthur Anglican School Bus Accident In Cobbitty, Cameron Millen dead

Recently, a fatal bus accident took place in Sydney’s southwest. Since this road mishap took place in Sydney it is blowing shock waves as a teen school boy lost his life after being hit by the bus. Some also have been outraged after listening to the death of a teen boy. In addition, they demonstrated against the bus driver and demanded justice for the teen boy. Now, this news has captivated all the attention and has become breaking news in the country. Meanwhile, netizens have been eager to learn about this incident in detail. Here we have come up with all the imperative details associated with this news. This fatal bus accident took place near Macarthur Anglican School in Cobbitty. In the following sections of this column, readers will get to know who the driver is and what were the circumstances surrounding the tragic accident. So be sticky with this column and must go through the following sections. Drag down the page.

Macarthur Anglican School Bus Accident In Cobbitty

Macarthur Anglican School Bus Accident Details

According to the source-based reports, the fatal bus accident took place on Wednesday afternoon near Macarthur Anglican School located in Cobbitty. The bus hit a schoolboy who was just 14 years old and later he was pronounced dead. However, the victim was also taken to the medical facility for emergency aid but he could not be revived. Reportedly, the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital. Despite taking all the possible steps to revive the student he could not. Moreover, an air ambulance was also called to the scene at around 3 pm. He was rushed to Liverpool Hospital by air ambulance. Keep reading this article and learn more details.

Macarthur Anglican School Bus Accident In Cobbitty

The cause of death of the schoolboy who died in the accident is directly linked to the injuries he sustained in the crash. The victim succumbed to the injuries at the hospital and was pronounced dead. The boy who died in the crash was 14 years of age. He was a school student who was walking on the footpath in Cobbitty near Macarthur Anglican when he was suddenly struck by a bus. The circumstances surrounding the accident have been described as a woman was driving the bus and it went off-road while navigating a roundabout and struck the teen boy. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Penina Lopesi
Penina Lopesi

Penina Lopesi Arrested

The driver of the bus was taken into custody and charged with dangerous driving. The identity of the driver was not revealed immediately by the authorities. But now we have some details about her, she is a woman whose age is 54 years and her name is Penina Lopesi. After the accident, the principal of Macarthur Anglican School named David Nockles issued a statement to address the incident. David Nockles confirmed the death of a year 9 student. He said, At present, all that can be confirmed is that a public transport bus lost control as it moved away from the bus bays, mounting the kerb,” Swipe down the page and read further details.

Sydney Cobbitty Bus Accident

The principal of Macarthur Anglican School further stated as a result of that accident, the student sustained injuries resulting in his death after his arrival at the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with the boy’s family, including his brother in year 11, as they deal with unimaginable grief and heartache. Talking about the bus driver was arrested immediately and charged with dangerous driving occasioning death, negligent driving, and driving in a dangerous manner. Scroll down the page and get more details.

Macarthur Anglican School Bus Accident In Cobbitty

The bus driver was initially not granted bail as she was due to appear at Liverpool Local Court on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023. But the latest reports are claiming that the woman who was driving the bus at the time of the crash was granted bail. Penina Lopesi was also admitted to the same hospital where the 14-year-old boy was rushed after the accident. The paramedics treated him at the scene before admitting him to the medical facility. He was in critical condition when he arrived at Liverpool Hospital. He lost his life after battling a short battle for his life at the hospital. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Macarthur Anglican School Bus Accident In Cobbitty

Talking about Penina Lopesi’s court schedule, the driver of the bus is expected to appear in court in April. Currently, she is on bail. Sources reported that Penina Lopesi is a mother. An unofficial report also claimed that bus driver Penina Lopesi was also taken for drug and alcohol tests after the crash. The report reads, bus driver charged after boy,14, fatally struck outside Anglican School in Cobbitty. The driver, Penina Lopesi, was taken for drug & alcohol testing after the crash, before being charged last night with dangerous driving occasioning death & negligent driving. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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