Who Is Michael Farrar New Wife? Is Michael Farrar the husband of Deborah Green?

Michael Farrar is a cardiologist who gained public attention due to his connection with his ex-wife, Debora Green, who was arrested on November 22, 1995, and faced murder charges. Debora pleaded no contest to charges related to setting a fire in 1995 that resulted in the death of two of her children and to poisoning her husband with ricin in an attempt to cause his death. Michael and Debora were married for a significant period. However, at the time of the tragic events, Michael was living with his girlfriend. Debora is currently serving a life sentence at the Topeka Correctional Facility.

Michael Farrar New Wife

Who Is Michael Farrar’s New Wife

People’s curiosity about Michael’s current life has grown. Michael Farrar has maintained a low profile and has stayed away from media attention. Due to his private nature, there is limited information available about Farrar’s current life, including his marital status. As previously mentioned, he was married to Debora in the past, but they divorced a long time ago. As of now, there is no information suggesting that Farrar has remarried or is in a new relationship.

Michael Farrar New Wife

Is Michael Farrar the husband of Deborah Green?

The marriage was tumultuous, and Farrar filed for divorce in July 1995. Michael Farrar’s past relationship and marriage have been a subject of interest. According to an online report, he was living with his girlfriend at the time of the tragic events involving his ex-wife, Debora Green. However, the identity of his girlfriend has not been disclosed publicly. It is believed that Michael Farrar continues to lead a private life, and there are indications that he may be working as a cardiologist specialist in Kansas City. In the past, Michael Farrar was married to Debora Green.

Michael Farrar New Wife

Before marrying Michael, Deborah Green had been previously married to Duane Green from 1974 to 1978. After their separation, Debora met Michael, who was a medical student and younger than her. They fell in love, and Michael and Debora got married in May 1979. For professional reasons, Debora continued to use the last name “Green.” During the early years of their marriage, Debora supported Michael financially with her income as an ER physician while he completed his training as a cardiologist.

Michael Farrar and Debora Green were married from 1979 to 1995 and during their marriage, they became parents to three children. Their first child, a son named Tim, was born in January 1982. Their second child, a daughter named Kate, was born in December 1984. Their third child, another daughter named Kelly, was born in December 1988. However, their family tragedy unfolded on October 24, 1995, when a fire broke out at the Farrar family house. Debora Green and Kate managed to escape the fire without harm, but tragically, Tim and Kelly lost their lives in the blaze. Subsequent investigations revealed disturbing details. Trails of accelerant were found in the home, leading back to Debora Green’s bedroom. Additionally, it was discovered that Michael Farrar had been poisoned with ricin, a deadly poison, which had been introduced into his food by Debora. These events ultimately led to Debora Green’s arrest and her subsequent legal proceedings related to the fire and poisoning.

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