Who Is Jessie Blodgett’s Boyfriend Daniel Bartelt? Arrested And Charged With Murder

Why does it happen that those whom we trust break our trust? This has happened because we trust some people blindly despite knowing that in this mean world never trust anyone otherwise the consequences could be dangerous. We are not saying that everyone is mean but it is better to have the command of your safety only on your hand. However, sometimes the crimes happened in the heat of the moment which cost the life of someone. If you are one of those who has an interest in murder cases then this news will thrill as well as shock you. Recently, the court passed the verdict against the criminal who r@ped and then killed her girlfriend.

Jessie Blodgett

Who Is Jessie Blodgett’s Boyfriend Daniel Bartelt?

The court gave a life sentence to the suspect. The victim was identified as Jessie Blodgett and the suspect was identified as Daniel Bartelt. He ra@ped an aspiring actress and the with the help of rope he strangled her to death. The news shocked everyone and made people force to find out the details of her personal life. According to the reports, Daniel Bartelt broke into the Wisconsin House of Jessie, 19 tied her up, and then se*ually assaulted her prior to killing her. Her dead body was found by her mother who gets horrified to watch her corpse on the bed. During the investigation the police found the role of her beau in her murder and they detained her.

Jessie Blodgett

Police strictly interrogated him and later on, in the month of August, the jury found him guilty of 1st-degree intentional murder. The 20-year-old suspect was just given a life conviction sans the possibility of parole. Now after hearing about this murder case, people started looking for the Wikipedia of Jessie Blodgett, however, she is not a famous personality and that’s why no such page has been created. The deceased was passionate about her dream and she started her music instruction program in Hartford, Wisconsin. She then introduced her own business and started giving lessons to young individuals in the voice, violin, and piano.

Jessie Blodgett

Within 2 months, she had accumulated 26 students in her program. She had many dreams in her eyes but sadly her own beau crushed her dreams brutally. The reports state that before her death, in the wee hours of the morning, the victim came back from a cast party and the suspect who hails from Washington County crept into her bedroom. He maliciously attacked her when she was sleeping, r@ped her, and then killed her. The next day, her mother went to her room and found the dead body of her daughter in a miserable and horrifying condition. The victim has ligature marks on her arm and neck and the rest of the picture is cleared in the autopsy report.

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